Tour de Furness 2017 - Prize Presentation

Wed 17th January 2018 at 18.30 - 20.00

Team Prize Winners

50mile     Terminal Trundlers    Various Charities    £2,569.00    1st
23mile     Alzheimer's Soc    Alzheimer's Soc    £762.80    2nd

Team Prize – 1st  Bill Bartlett memorial Trophy + Trophy & cheque of £250 for the Brathay trust. choice
Team Prize  - 2nd  Trophy & cheque of £150 for Alzheimers Association.

Senior Rider Winners

50mile     Neil Grace    RC of Furness    £1520.00    1st
50mile     Peter Forrest    St Mary’s Hospice    £970.00    2nd

Senior Prize – 1st Trophy & cheque of £250 for the RC of Furness.
Senior Prize  - 2nd  Trophy & cheque of £150 for St Mary’s Hospice.

Junior Rider Winners

23mile     William Morrow    The Christie YOU Ward    £572.20    1st
23mile     Isabel Frear    St Mary’s Hospice    £166.50    2nd

Junior Prize – 1st  Trophy & cheque of £100 for The Christie YOU Ward.
Junior Prize  - 2nd  Trophy & cheque of £50 for St Mary’s Hospice.

Commemorative Certificate awarded to Terry and Lillian Heseltine

•    Terry and Lillian have ridden in every TdF event bar one. In the early days they lead a Team from the British Legion, raising £11k during their participation which has also worn out 5 cycles !

Incidental information

•    The winner of the Bike Draw was Jack Richardson, who is also a member of the Alzheimers team which took 2nd Team Prize
•    We had 336 entrants (36% down on previous years)
•    59 under 16 riders, we do not collate the over 65 riders but it is quite a lot, some now wisely using electric power to get them round the courses.
•    In total this year we raised £18790.92 a very commendable sum but still down considerably on previous years  - however we did have the worst weather we have ever experienced with several of our marquees destroyed in the high winds.
•    Seasoned riders were reduced to walking pace fighting the wind on their return along the coast road.
•    The first Tour de Furness had only two rides, our 13 mile ride and the 50 mile round tour of Coniston. Most of our riders chose to ride on the 13 mile ride on a hotch potch of cycles, most used for a daily commute to the Shipyard and just a few enthusiasts chose the more challenging Coniston ride with bikes that even had gears! That first ride raised £236 – for St Mary’s Hospice.
•    Our average now is £18k  and whilst St Mary’s still takes the lions share, many other charities dear to the hearts of our loyal riders have also benefitted over the last 22 years to the tune of £395,848.
•    Over the last 4 years we have catered for an average of 530 riders and we hope that last year’s lower number is the exception.
•    But to our cycles, gone are the go to work commuter bikes of our early years, now many are state of the art carbon fiber creations with umpteen gears and all sorts of computer information aiding the performance of the rider. Latterly we have also seen some of our riders joining in with cycles with electric motor assistance. All are welcome, ours is NOT a race but an enjoyable day out which also manages to raise a colossal amount of money for good causes.