Learn to Love Parenting

Wed 2nd May 2018 at 18.30 - 20.00

A Talk to the Rotary Club of Furness by Ashley Dobson and Glenda Wright from Learning to love Parenting.

Reported by Rtn Frank Randall PHF

Learning to love Parenting is a non profit community interest company which gives Parents and Families help with very young children.
The Practitioners are:-
Glenda Wright, who has a Post Grad Diploma in parenting as well as other qualifications
Katrina Dodd, who has a BA Hons Degree in Childhood Studies, with experience working with families.
Ashley Dobson,  a mother of an autistic child, James, who is a parenting practitioner with qualifications in early years and understanding autism.
Glenda and Katrina are both directors of the company.
The practitioners use a technique to help un-diagnosed children who are showing symptoms of autism from an early age, usually in the preschool period.
The technique is called Incredible Years Parenting Programme and has a 5 star rating with NICE. Using this technique helps parents with speech and language delay displayed by their children. Also walking difficulties and lack of engagement with parents. In fact children, who have been undiagnosed by a specialist, but who show autisitic tendencies and are on the waiting list.
Glenda and Ashley showed a video of Ashley’s little boy, James, both before and after using Incredible Years and the change in his behaviour, engagement, gait and walking was spectacular. Ashley was very passionate about the technique and the effect on James’ life.
The Learning to Love Parenting Group is trying hard to engage with schools, parents, nursery teachers and health professionals to highlight the benefits of Incredible Years.
Also they have presented the evidence of a pilot study to back up their recommendation. They have raised £3000 through fundraising and grants.
Ofsted has also made positive comments about the programme.
The proup are hoping to expand their services through training and helping parents and also gaining commissioning from nursery groups and schools.
Programmes include:-
Incredible Years Programme for 3-8yr olds
Incredible Years Home Coaching for up to 12 yrs
Incredible Years Autisic Spectrum and Language Delays for 2-5 yrs
Incredible Babies from birth to 12 months
After some questions Glenda and Ashley were thanked by Rotarian Richard Johnson and members responded warmly