President's Programme 2017/18

Tony Carrington outlines plans for the forthcoming Rotary year.

Assembly  7th June 2017

Welcome to Assistant District Governor Judy Powell, members and guests.
Firstly sincere thanks to Yvonne for guiding us through another successful year.
Thank you all for coming and I hope you're sitting comfortably. I'm going to relate a few of my thoughts for the next 12 months in The Rotary Club of Clevedon Yeo.
A little background -When I joined the club three years ago I didn't expect to be standing here as president elect. Although after the first six months the writing on the wall was getting bigger by the week. Having  served as treasurer for the last two years I’m looking forward to the next year as President.
I believe this club is well known and respected in the community. We have recently carried out a project for the community centre which was well received. I feel that projects like this one and collecting from Tesco for the food bank bring us closer to the community. We need to look for more opportunities like these where we can give a helping hand and develop closer links to other local organisations for example the Town Council, The Curzon, The Pier, and our local schools.
Thanks to Steve our publicity is always first class. As you know we have regular coverage in the local press, Facebook , Next Door, Hello Clevedon etc. and now we're going live with Twitter. We’re comprehensively telling our community what we’re doing but I feel we need to include an invitation to help, on social media and other means, informal coffee mornings for example, with the expectation of generating new members. I think we need to pay more attention to our branding moving  away from the high viz tabard image to present a vibrant group that others want to join.
You have a copy of next year’s plan with many of the old favourites, although the second half of the year is still fluid. Don’t forget you can have this information live on your desktop laptop tablet or phone, calendar app. In the next week I’m applying for a District Grant to supplement the profits made at our quiz events to benefit the Clevedon Food bank. In the pipeline we are currently seeking permission for Marks and Spencer to hold a screen wash at their site and in the next couple of weeks expect to know if we can hold another bucket shake at Bristol City Football Club. Steve has volunteered once again to organise a treasure hunt early in September and Mike is looking into a day out at the races.
I'm still looking for a BIG event for next spring although this years treasure hunt on foot, may form the basis of a bigger public event.
During the last year the club has been meeting formally for only two nights every month and this appears to be working well, although I'm not so sure about the start at 7.30 when we have a speaker is totally satisfactory and I think we need to re-visit this one.
The club officials for next year remain broadly the same. Rob steps in as treasurer Steve continues as secretary Mike sports & attendance, Alan welfare & international.  We are a small club so there is a role for everyone, if you have a passion share it.
Finally for this coming year it's worth remembering that along with our fellow Rotarians we are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and we are making a difference!

Tony Carrington

President 2017-2018

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