Nailsworth Vumilia Link

Thu 31st August 2017 at 19.30 - 21.30

Robin Mitchell will provide an update on the two improvement projects in Vumilia, Tanzania, which Nailsworth is funding

Vumilia is a small village in Tanzania which has been helped by the people of Nailsworth to sink a bore hole in the village in order to provide a fresh water supply. Previously, water had to be carried in containers for a considerable distance. The next project is to provide school books and writing materials for the children of the village.

Robin’s presentation will cover the visit to Vumilia earlier in 2017 by representatives of Nailsworth Town, which had the following objectives:

  • To renew the commitment by Nailsworth to Vumila through the Nailsworth Vumilia Link
  • To tour the village and look at progress since the previous visit in 2012
  • To see the recently drilled borehole
  • To meet with the village elders and committee, and decide on future priorities.

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