Christina Dodwell: Excerpts from my Life

Thu 12th October 2017 at 19.30 - 21.30

Christina is a renowned explorer, writer and film maker, as well as the founder of The Dodwell Trust, a charity dedicated to the country and people of Madagascar.

Christina Dodwell inherited a wanderlust from her grandmother who was an unconventional woman traveller in China during the era of the Warlords, and from her parents who spent 25 years working in West Africa, where she was born and raised.

Christina became known as an explorer after her three-year journey in Africa 1975–78 often alone, by horse and dugout canoe. This was followed by two years travelling through Papua New Guinea living with remote tribes, and many other journeys spanning 20 years.

Christina has written nine books which have been translated into five languages. She has made three television films and over 40 radio documentary programmes for BBC Radio 4. Among her film awards was a BAFTA Best Documentary for her BBC film 'Great River Journey'.

She has been awarded a gold medal by the Royal Geographical Society in Scotland and was recently given a top international award by the Spanish Geographical Society.

In the diplomatic field Christina was appointed as Senior Attaché and Vice Consul at the Consulate of Madagascar in London, a post she held for 15 years. During this time she founded The Dodwell Trust, a charity dedicated to the country and people of Madagascar. 

For more details about her exploits:

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