Christmas Shoe Box Appeal 2017

Please support the Rotary ShoeBox scheme to bring a little joy to the disadvantaged children in Moldova, Albania, Montenegro and the Phillippines,

If you would like to make up a box here are some helpful suggestions:

Choose the sex and age range for the child you would like to receive your box.

The age ranges for boxes are:   1- 3 years,  4 - 7 years,  8 -11 years,  12 - 15 years. 

Please ensure that all items included are new or ‘as new’.

Last year there was a great shortage of boxes for children in the older age groups.

Suggested items you might include:

Learning toys, mosaics, Lego, games, balls, jigsaws, modeling clay, sticky tape, coloured paper, skipping ropes, playing cards, dominoes, chess sets and  clothing such as socks, gloves, pants, tights, hats, scarves.

Depending on the age you select you may like to include items for use at school, e.g. ball point pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, paper, colouring pencils, solar powered calculators, geometry sets. 

Soap, combs, face cloths, hand cream, talc, football memorabilia of famous teams, sports magazines, books, especially paper-back English Classics.

Please do not include:

Food, drinks, liquids, items for the bath, sweets, large soft toys. swimwear, toilet rolls, large items of clothing, toy soldiers, toy guns and other military-type toys, penknives, anything breakable or  anything which needs a battery.

While you are making up your box think of the delight on the face of ‘your child’ when they open their box that you have sent to them.

Please cover your box and lid separately with decorative paper and secure the lid with strong elastic bands (the boxes need to be opened easily as they may be inspected by Customs).   Put a sticky label on the outside of your box and indicate the sex and age range you have chosen.  Please donate £1 per box to help to cover the cost of transportation costs and attach the  coin to the outside of the lid. 

The maximum size for the shoeboxes is 13” x 8” x 6”

Boxes should be delivered by 14 October latest please to  the Rotary collection points at  Eden Fiat, A30, Old Basing, Basingstoke,  Oakley Carpets, Andover Rd, Oakley, Basingstoke RG23 7HA or The Bear Factory, Festival Place.

If you would like to contribute to this cause but you are unable to fill a complete box, donations of any of the items above would be very welcome because they can be used to make up extra boxes. These donations can be taken direct to the collection point.

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