Shared Universe Foundation

Thu 12th April 2018 at 19.30 - 21.30

The aim of the presentation is to take the audience on an emotional roller-coaster - a journey through what protecting some of Africa’s most iconic and endangered species and habitats actually involves.

James Hill, the founder of the charity, shared Universe Foundation (UK), tells us that it deals with the complex and gruesome matter of one of the world’s foremost illegal trade, the connections between terrorism, power, politics, economics and population growth, and on a happier note some of the great news stories and inspiring ways for individuals to get involved in a way that makes a direct and personal impact.

This is a registered UK charity with two big goals. The first is to prevent extinction by securing and re-wilding habitat; and the second is to encourage people into careers in wildlife conservation; we do that by enabling people to enjoy hands-on fully-immersive front-line experiences in the field.

The first project we became involved in is on the border between Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, but since then we have supported projects in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. We are looking for a suitable maritime project to support at the moment.

We started in mid 2014 and have been stunned by the speed and depth of the impact that so few people have already made. For more information visit the website and click on one of the video shorts. 

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