Climate Change and what it could mean to Nailsworth Rotary

Thu 26th April 2018 at 19.30 - 21.30

Richard Erskine, Secretary of Nailsworth Town Action Group (NCAT) will explore the issues and opportunities raised

Richard Erskine has lived with his family in Nailsworth for 20 years, and has spent nearly 30 years as an information management consultant, providing strategic advice to large organizations internationally, in the public and private sector, on how to achieve a sustainable and joined-up approach to data, information and knowledge. Originally a scientist, with a Doctorate from Cambridge University, and now retired, Richard has become increasingly concerned about climate change. He writes and talks on the subject, and is active locally as Secretary of Nailsworth Climate Action Town (NCAT) group.


This short talk will set the scene by providing a few essential insights into the state of our knowledge on climate change, and why there is an imperative for action. The main goal of the talk is to explore how action on climate change fits within the broad aims of Rotary, and will initiate a conversation on what this could mean locally in Nailsworth, working alongside groups such as NCAT (Nailsworth Climate Action Town). It will be argued that while there is a lot that people can do as individuals, it is only through concerted community action that substantial change can be achieved, and organizations like Rotary provide an excellent model and ethos for furthering these aims. 

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