Inter School Challenge 2017

Wensleydale Rotary Club gives a small sum of money to each Primary School in the Dale and challenges them to increase it by whatever means for charity.

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Each school was given £40 and the total raised by the seven small schools was £870. The winning school was Leyburn Primary School, which raised £346, and runner-up was Reeth/Gunnerside Primary School. The Leyburn children made excellent quality candles and night lights for sale.

The children in all the schools had been asked which charity they would like to receive the money, and they voted for Guide Dogs for the Blind. The charity sent a representative, Jan Ball, to receive the cheque from Club Community Chairman George Chadwick.

The photo was taken in Reeth/Gunnerside school and also includes Rtn Michael Hepper, one of the judges, with Eileen Brereton, local contact for Guide Dogs fundraiser, and some of the children.