Craig Rutherford Barrow AFC Performance Centre

Wed 12th June 2019 at 18.30 - 20.00

The Performance Centre recognises the importance of nurturing young talent in the area making sure that all aspects of development of young people are fully catered for, including their academic studies.

We also recognise that the centre is not only contributing to the development of player’s football abilities but also helping to develop their social, emotional and academic skills and will ensure that all players continue to work hard within their academic studies.

Whilst we hope that some players may go on to fulfil their ambitions to become professional footballers that is not the main aim of the programme. Our aim is to enable players to reach their full potential at whatever level of the game they play, whether amateur, semi-professional or full-time professional. The “success” of the programme should be measured by positive experiences young players and parents have had through involvement in programme.