Rotary Middleton digs it!

Rotary Middleton members join Middleton Archaeological Society's Hopwood Mill dig

We have been supporters of Middleton Archaeological Society (MAS) for several years.  Recently we donated funds via our Dragon’s Den initiative to help fund replacement I.T. equipment that is used during their monthly talks in Middleton

MAS invited Rotary members to join them on their Archaeological Dig at the site of Hopwood Mill Cottage, near Hopwood Hall, Middleton.

Rotarians Helen Jungmayr and Brendan Hannelly eagerly jumped at the chance to get their hands dirty.  Helen was also accompanied by her daughter Anja.

On the day, Tuesday 7 August Team Rotary were met by Robert Huddart who is the Dig Director for MAS and his assistant Lucy, they led the team through the shrubbery that hid a path through the Dell.

The Archaeological dig is on the site of the former Mill Cottage. Robert started work on it last year and with the help of a local resident who lived there with her family, has identified the layout of the cottage and ages of the different parts of the building.

Our team worked on a new dig grid to try and find any earlier constructions. The cottage fell into disrepair by the middle of the last century. Robert gave all relevant safety instructions and gave a lesson on how to methodically scrape away the soil with a trowel to search for the archaeology. Lucy issued the tools: trowel, find tray, spoil bucket, kneeler and gloves plus cutters to carefully clear roots.

The team set to work on their own quadrant. Robert readily answered their questions as they found out more about the site and what he hoped to find. The team did uncover a change in soil colour and a line of stones possibly from a path. They also found a piece of glazed earthenware pottery, possibly from a jug and a piece of willow pattern pottery.

A thoroughly good time was had, and we thank Middleton Archaeological Society for inviting us to their dig.

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