The Video Games Industry and Dundee

Thu 27th September 2018 at 13.00 - 14.00

Professor Joseph de Lappe Lunchtime Talk - 27 Sept 2018



I’m an artist, lecturer and a native San Franciscan.  After 23 years directing the Digital Media program at the University of Nevada, I relocated to Dundee in 2017. 

My work in online gaming performance, sculpture and electromechanical installation has been shown all over the world but I am perhaps best known for my art intervention pieces exploring contemporary issues in politics.

My 2006 online gaming protest dead-in-iraq memorialised the name of every service person who died in the Iraq war by typing their names into the US Defense Department’s America's Army online shooter game. 

More recently I developed the concept behind Killbox, an interactive computer game about drone warfare created with the Biome Collective which was recently nominated for a BAFTA Scotland in the Best Computer Game category.

As an artist/activist, I believe it’s essential to engage in and challenge the norms and expectations of the digital present and the larger cultural context by informing, provoking and questioning. 

My work has been shown internationally at galleries, museums, festivals and thru online and real world interventions. I've lectured extensively as well, including a talk presented at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC among many others.

My work has been featured in the New York Times, The Australian Morning Herald and Art in America.  In 2017 I was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, one of the top prizes in the United States for practising artists. For more information regarding my creative work and to access a full vitae, visit my website: