Portland ‘Hardy’ walk with Tony Fincham and Elizabeth

Fri 19th October 2018 at 10.00 - 14.00

4 hours with talks about Hardy’s Portland - I organised these with the Thomas Hardy Society for the Museum and are open to the general public but would love some familiar faces to join me and Tony Fincham - the irony of my name has not escaped me....

Dr Tony Fincham of The Thomas Hardy Society will be leading two circular walks that mix the high drama of landscape with literature; one around the southern part of the Isle of Portland on Friday 21st September, and the second on Friday 19th October over the northern sector of Portland around the Verne Citadel and Fortune’s Well.  Both will start at Portland Museum (Hardy’s Avice’s Cottage) at 10:00 am and finish around 2:00pm.  There is a charge of £5 for each walk which goes to Portland Museum, this includes entry to the museum.

Friday 19th October

The northern circuit of Hardy’s Portland includes spectacular views over Portland Harbour and Chesil Cove, or “Deadman’s Bay” as named by Hardy in his novel The Well-Beloved.  Hardy writes two different versions of a strange story set in the weird landscape of Portland.  The central figure is a man obsessed with the search for his ideal woman.  The pursuit finally fixes on three women called Avice Caro - grandmother, mother, and daughter - in a way that mixes tragedy and high farce.