Its been a busy few weeks!

From Airport Disasters to Whooshing Fireworks via Cumbria Running, Light up a Lake and Tree planting we've had a busy few weeks last October and early November.

October and early November has been a busy few weeks for our club and its members as we participated in several events, sometimes with our other Rotary Clubs in Carlisle or family members and the Tree Planting with our Rotakids based in the schools. We’ve done everything from collecting, to gardening, to Marshalling and being ‘victims’.

Carlisle Airport  Emergency Exercise 

Several Rotarians, and members of their families, took part in an emergency exercise at Carlisle Airport. The exercise took the form of a simulated evacuation from an aircraft that had landed at the airport with an engine on fire.   Some of the participants pretended to be passengers on the plane whilst others played the role of “meeters and greeters”.   The purpose of the exercise was firstly to test the ability of the airport’s fire team to extinguish an aircraft engine fire and secondly to give the airport’s staff and the emergency services practice at repatriating an aircraft’s passengers with those people who had come to the airport to meet them.   All participants were able to watch the fire team and Cumbria Fire and Rescue tackle the simulated fire and to evacuate dummies from the pretend aircraft which was actually a shipping container!

Rotary Tree Challenge - Tree planting in Warwick and Hayton Primary Schools 

As part of 'Rotary's Tree Challenge' we helped the Rotakids in Hayton and Warwick Primary Schools to mark the event by supplying them with a tree to plant.  It also marked the bicentenary of Hayton School.

Several Rotakids visited the Whitesyke Garden Centre, Longtown to select an oak tree, and where they received a talk on planting trees from the staff. They were helped to plant the trees by Kevin Walsh & our President, Wendy Aldred.  

Light up a life at Talkin Tarn 

A sea of lanterns set sail across Talkin Tarn on Sunday as the third Lake of Lights event took place at Talkin Tarn on behalf of Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw.  Volunteers from our Club were busy before and after the event marshalling people and cars to where they needed to be.

Great Cumbrian Run

Our volunteers took up position around Wetheral to help marshall the many runners taking part in this years Great Cumbrian Run.  It was a cold day but they all ensured the runners were safe and following the correct route.

Carlisle Fire Show

As in previous years we joined the Carlisle Rotary group to do the collections at the show on behalf of this year's Mayor's chosen charities. A proportion of the monies donated also went into our own Rotary charity funds. As usual it was very well attended and certainly not as cold as last year! All in all everyone seemed to have a  good night and the fireworks were spectacular.