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RotaKids - young people 8 to 11 years

6 RotaKids Conferences have been held in this District.
See THIS LINK for photographs of the 2018 event.

The first RotaKids club was set up in the Stuart area of South Florida and now there are clubs in many countries.  The first club in our District is at St.James' Catholic Primary School, Millom, Cumbria.

The purpose is to help build children's self esteem and community service ethics by introducing Rotary concepts of service, understanding and citizenship.  Children also have an introduction to project, team and leadership skills.  Parents will be encouraged to take part too.  And some of these may become Rotarians.

The club is set up and controlled by the teachers in the school and the Rotary club provides ideas, support and maybe some funding.   Children may be provided with certificates, tabards, jumpers, hat or cap, T-shirt and/or badges.  Often as a reward for achievement.

If you want more information about RotaKids or support to set one up please contact Margaret Lund, District RotaKids Coordinator.  You can email her using the form below.  She has quite a lot of material and information and she can put you in touch with other RotaKids clubs in our District.  She might also come and talk with your primary shool staff and children and/or your Rotary club members.  Contact Margaret at margaretlund@yahoo.com   

RotaKids pledge

  • As a RotaKid I promise
  • To be fair to all
  • To serve my community
  • To show my respect for others