Completed meetings and events 2020-2021

Thu 15th April 2021 Adrian Quine- Staycation Express

Thu 8th April 2021 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 8th April 2021 Council

Thu 1st April 2021 Les Chandler- Peter Scott

Thu 25th March 2021 Zoom - Sarah Lister- Navvies of Ribblehead

Thu 18th March 2021 Zoom Speaker- Oye Jemiyo- Polio survivor.

Thu 11th March 2021 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 11th March 2021 Council

Thu 4th March 2021 Zoom visit to Horbury and Ossett Rotary Club

Steve Molloy- Senior Security Manager - Glastonbury Festival

Thu 25th February 2021 Aiden Phillips- Wave Trust


Thu 18th February 2021 Zoom visit to Horbury and Ossett Rotary Club


Thu 11th February 2021 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 11th February 2021 Council

Thu 4th February 2021 Zoom Speaker

Thu 28th January 2021 Zoom Speaker

Thu 21st January 2021 Zoom Bradford Peace Seminar Highlights

Thu 14th January 2021 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 14th January 2021 Council

Thu 7th January 2021 Zoom Speaker

Thu 31st December 2020 No Meeting

Thu 24th December 2020 No Meeting

Thu 17th December 2020 Zoom Speaker

Thu 10th December 2020 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 10th December 2020 Council

Thu 3rd December 2020 Peace Seminar from Bradford University

Selected clips from this years Seminar-inspiring talks from Peace Scholars.

Thu 26th November 2020 Zoom Speaker- James Fox ARLA Lactose Free

Thu 19th November 2020 Zoom Speaker

Thu 12th November 2020 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 12th November 2020 Council

Thu 5th November 2020 Zoom Speaker-Norman Butler Trip to India

Thu 24th September 2020 Speaker

Thu 17th September 2020 Speaker

Thu 10th September 2020 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 3rd September 2020 Speaker

Thu 27th August 2020 Speaker

Thu 20th August 2020 Speaker

Thu 13th August 2020 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 6th August 2020 Speaker

Thu 30th July 2020 Speaker

Thu 23rd July 2020 Speaker

Thu 16th July 2020 Speaker

Thu 9th July 2020 Council/Business Meeting

Thu 2nd July 2020 ZOOM meeting with Mary's Meals video + Presidential Handover

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