Completed meetings and events 2021-2022

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Sun 16th January 2022 - Luncheon (Post Christmas Charity Event)

POSTPONED

Wed 12th January 2022 Luncheon (Business Meeting)

Mon 10th January 2022 Council

Wed 22nd December 2021 Christmas Lunch

Use of photo cleared by Louise Smith, Director, 'This is EPIC'.

Wed 15th December 2021 Luncheon

Speaker: Louise Smith.
Subject: 'This is Epic' - the charity and its work. read more...

Wed 8th December 2021 Luncheon

Mon 6th December 2021 Council


Sun 5th December 2021 Rotary Carol Service at St Andre de la Pommeraye

Get into the Christmas spirit and join Rotarian colleagues and friends at St Andrew’s Parish Church this coming Sunday! read more...

Sat 4th December 2021 Ho Ho Ho: Rotary Christmas Supper and Party (Saturday 4 December)

N.B. Menu choices etc. by Thursday 18th November
"The picture was taken by Ollie Tracey in 2019 in his role as photographer for walking football. The form below if part of the club health form which all members and participants sign giving permission for their images to be used.."(N Dorey 27.11.21)

Wed 1st December 2021 Luncheon

Speaker: Paul Wheatley.
Subject: Walking Football.
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Sat 27th November 2021 Flag Day (Saturday 27 November)

Providing Christmas hampers to those in need in the Bailiwick.
You can still donate - click on 'Details' below.
Source: Gary Sarre (permission given)

Thu 25th November 2021 - Tree of Joy Switch On

The start of the Christmas festivities. 'Switch On' will take place at about 6.00 p.m. read more...

Wed 24th November 2021 Luncheon

Speaker: Kevin Boscher, Chief Investment Officer of the Ravenscroft Group.
Subject: The outlook for the global economy and investment strategy in the post pandemic world. read more...

Wed 17th November 2021 Luncheon


Wed 10th November 2021 Luncheon

Speakers: Dave Warr & Helen Bonner-Morgan.
Subject: La Vallette redevelopment.

Wed 3rd November 2021 Luncheon (Business Meeting)

Mon 1st November 2021 Council

Sat 30th October 2021 - Sat 6th November 2021 Rotary Guernesiais Shoebox Appeal

N.B. New Collection Point

Wed 27th October 2021 Luncheon

Sun 24th October 2021 World Polio Day


Fri 22nd October 2021 Purple Pinkie Day

Help Rotary free the world from Polio by taking part in a ‘Purple Pinkie Day’ read more...

Wed 20th October 2021 Luncheon

Chris Bradshaw Talk

Wed 13th October 2021 Evening Meeting

Speaker: Karen Brady, The Children's Convener.
Subject: The last 10 years of the Children's Tribunal System in Guernsey. read more...

Wed 6th October 2021 Luncheon (Business Meeting)

Mon 4th October 2021 Council

Wed 29th September 2021 Luncheon

Speaker: Dennis Burns.
Subject: The History of GADOC.

Wed 22nd September 2021 Luncheon


Wed 15th September 2021 Luncheon

Speaker: Trevor Grant
Subject: The Leprosy Mission and their work to heal , restore and transform the lives of those affected by leprosy. read more...

Wed 8th September 2021 Luncheon (Business Meeting)

Mon 6th September 2021 Council

Wed 1st September 2021 Luncheon

Chris Bradshaw Talk/Discussion: "How to deal with the fiscal deficit faced by the States".

Wed 25th August 2021 Luncheon


Wed 18th August 2021 Luncheon

Speaker: Mike Read.
Subject: Breathe - A Life Unlimited

Wed 11th August 2021 Luncheon

Wed 4th August 2021 Luncheon (Business Meeting)

Mon 2nd August 2021 Council

Wed 28th July 2021 Luncheon

Wed 21st July 2021 Luncheon

Wed 14th July 2021 Luncheon

Wed 7th July 2021 Luncheon (Business Meeting)

Mon 5th July 2021 Council

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