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Visit to Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery



Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource - update by Claire Robinson

Claire was particularly keen that we spread the word about the availability of the “Home from Hospital” service which has been introduced recently.


International projects: Polio:Ten facts & more to know

Visionary, sustained, ambitious and multi faceted project enduring nearly thirty years to eliminate polio. A successful end may be in sight.


Visit to Hull Fish Trail

Entertaining, fascinating and informative trail in Hull


Ghana - Upper West Region

The long dry season in the Upper West Region of Ghana results in only a short growing season for farmers, growing yam, maize and millet. A low tech tractor is now available to speed ploughing and ground preparation.


Burns night annual festivities in January

Celebrating the immortal bard in traditional manner


About us

View a past issue of our Club members Magazine > click Here.  Peek at a quick electronic digest Cavalcade Compact to see the latest version of our public version.

Regular meetings and events are deferred until at least after mid Aptil 2020 due to the intrusion of COVID 19

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Technology Tournament

Another successful Technology Tournament took place on 11 February 2020 where competing young people were tasked with producing a working model of a vehicle propelled by a weight (gravity).

There was a very good competitive atmosphere at Scarborough RUFC hosted by the RC Scarborough and supported by Cavaliers John Dudley, Peter Howgate and Roger Chapman officiating as judges.

The task was to help reduce pollution by designing, constructing and testing a vehicle powered by a 200gm weight, employing wood, card, pulleys and elastic band.

Thirteen teams competed


  • Graham School - Team A – Group winners
  • Headlands School - team A
  • St Augustine’s School – Team A
  • St Augustine’s School – Team B


  • Scarborough UTC – Team A
  • St Augustine’s School – Team E
  • Graham School - Team B
  • St Augustine’s School – Team D - Group winners (all girls) & The Paul Curry Trophy for the outstanding model
  • Headlands School - Team B
  • St Augustine’s School – Team C


  • Scarborough TEC
  • Headlands School - Team C
  • Scarborough UTC – Team B – Group winners

As a referee sees it  - talk by George from his view of the field

By George!!!!   What a brilliant presentation it was. George‘s Rotary fans gave him a round of applause as he was about to speak. A pleasant change for him, as he explained that he was not normally applauded as a referee.

He explained that refereeing was taking over his life. He had always been a keen footballer and was good enough to have had trials with a number of professional clubs. He had started refereeing at aged 14 when a local club needed a ref. After breaking a leg aged 16 George was advised not to continue playing and he began refereeing seriously.

George became a level 4 Referee aged 21 in 2017/18 and is now rated 16 out of 87 in Yorkshire.

The next levels are:-

Level 3: Contributory League referee.

Level 2b: Conference North League referee

 Level 2a: Conference referee/Football League 4th official. 

Level 1: Football League/Premier League referee.

In 2015 he was invited to referee at the Iber Cup in Portugal as a representative of the North Yorkshire FA. The next important tournament George was involved in was confirmed to him by phone whilst travelling in a hearse to a funeral. It was the best telephone message he has ever had! He was asked to officiate at the Dallas Cup in the USA. He refereed the under 16’s final in intense heat. This was a shock because the previous week the local match was delayed by snow.

George describes being a referee as a lonely experience and he usually takes footballing friends to the matches he officiates at. This helps him to unwind as the job is quite stressful. There are 17 ‘Laws of Football’ and these seem to have about 20 amendments every year. A referee makes between 400 and 500 decisions in a match. Many players do not know all the rules and the fans have their own interpretations.  The referees have to make reports about the games and are assessed on their performance by assessors and by the clubs. Clubs can be biased when you know that they may receive big payouts if they progress to the next round of a competition like the FA Cu Consequently there are two training camps for referees every month.

Referees need to train three times a week to be fit enough to run between 8 and 10Km in a match. The training can be difficult when they have day jobs. They also have training plans and need to keep records of their training sessions. Local papers and social media can be destructive. Referees are not trained to deal with media. Man management and psychology can be more effective than red and yellow cards. Georges ambition is to progress to the next levels and hopefully to the elite level 1 Premier League Referee status.

George then answered questions about the current handball and offside rules and whether they should be changed, how referees deal with time added on and what to do with foul mouthed players, before blowing the final whistle to well deserved applause from members and guests.



This year’s local heat of the Youth Speaks competition took place at Lady Lumley’s School Pickering, It turned out to be an exciting and inspiring event with young people demonstrating varying degrees of confidence, confirming our faith in that generation’s abilities.
There were nine teams involved from five schools: Lady Lumley’s, Malton, Ryedale, Scarborough College and Scarborough 6th Form College. It was very satisfying that Scarborough 6th Form were new entrants. 
The Junior competition was won by the very eloquent speaker of Ryedale School talking on "Social Media", 
Runner-up was Malton School speaking to the question "Is tourism beneficial to the environment?"
the Intermediate event was won by Malton School  speaking to "Does tradition hinder our progress?"
The Senior competition was won by Scarborough College speaking on "Mental Health". 

Scarborough 6th Form College was the runner-up in the Senior event with the very topical title "Yexit is the next step" (Yorkshire Independence)!
All of the winning teams  teams will go forward to the Regional event in Leeds.
*****     *****     *****     ***** 
Several visitors to the event showed interest in another youth related challenge organised by Rotary, advertised in Pickering with the banner below, 


The Rotary Club of Scarborough Cavaliers latest reindeer appeal has raised £5,780 with £4,375 going to the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association and £1,405 to local Rotary supported charities.

Club members worked throughout the Autumn making over 400 wooded reindeer and other animals to sell in various outlets around the Scarborough area.

Twenty-seven outlets sold the animals in the run up to Christmas with the highest sales going to Cober Hill; Dalby Forest café; Deans Garden Centre; Downe Arms Hotel; Falcon Inn and Killerby Stained Glass Centre, which sold several hundred pounds worth of animals.

Rotary President Tony Graham said: “The project has been led for the past two years by a club member, who has sadly been diagnosed with the disease.”

“This year more club members have been involved in carrying the project forward but a special thanks must go to all the local outlets that have sold the wooden animals,’ he added.

Of the funds raised for the MND Association, £500 will go to the Scarborough & Bridlington Branch of the Association, which provides support to local people with MND, their families and carers. 

The Association will spend the remaining funds on MND research including research taking place at the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN).

Jenn Dodd, Regional Fundraiser for the MND Association attended the Rotary Club’s meeting at the Downe Arms on February 5 to give a short introduction into the Association’s work and to receive the cheque

MND has recently hit the headlines nationally with Doddie Weir, a former Scottish rugby union player receiving the Helen Rollason Award at the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year 2019 and Rob Burrow, the ex-Leeds Rhinos star, being diagnosed last month with the disease at the very young age of 37 years old.


For further information or to set up interviews please contact Mike Wilkinson on tel : 01723 870670 or mobile 07500 354825 or email : michaeljwilkinson7@gmail.com

and/or Barry Foster, Scarborough & Bridlington Branch of the MND Association tel: 01946 604881 email: barryfoster5939@aol.co.uk.

Motor Neurone Disease Association

The MND Association is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on improving access to care, research and campaigning for those people living with or affected by MND.

They are a membership organisation with over 9,000 members forming a powerful national and local network that provides information and support. They have over 7,000 active volunteers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with 170 paid staff – all dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by MND, now and in the future. There is an active local support group covering the area from Whitby to Bridlington – the Scarborough & Bridlington Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

 Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN)

SITraN is an essential development in the fight against motor neurone disease and other common neurodegenerative disorders of the motor system. As yet no single institution anywhere in the world has developed the necessary critical mass and facilities to exploit the potential of modern neuroscience, the ‘post-genome’ era, and exciting developments in biomedical therapeutics with specific focus on this devasting group of illnesses. Centres of excellence for neurodegeneration research across the globe have achieved considerable progress, but none are effectively poised to develop these advances in full. The establishment of SITraN in Sheffield offers the opportunity for a coordinated approach to the development and clinical trialling of new therapies based on rational targets of proven preclinical effectiveness


              Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey


Meeting: Wednesday 5th February 2020


Speaker: Marcus Aldrich Esq., NYMR Volunteer Development Officer.


The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, formed 1967 in the aftermath of the ‘Beeching Cuts’ is owned by the North York Moors Historical Railway Trust Ltd (a Charitable Trust and Accredited Museum) and is operated by its wholly owned subsidiary North Yorkshire Moors Railway Enterprises Plc. It is mostly operated and staffed

by volunteers. It provides both a commercially viable passenger carrying rail service for about nine months each year and further operates as a ‘visitor attraction’. It has a paid staff of approximately 100, and a volunteer force of more than 1000, mainly middle aged and elderly enthusiasts who share an interest in running a working vintage railway operation carrying up to 350,000 passengers each year. There is also a very active ‘Junior Volunteers’ scheme who help at weekends and during school holidays.

The annual financial turnover is around £8,000,000.

During 2017, the NYMR announced it was applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund, as part of a new appeal to keep the whole preserved railway running for the next 50 years. The bid attracted £4.4 million in HLF funding which had to be match funded by the NYMR’s own appeal for donations, legacies and from other funding streams such as the Rural Payments Agency, who donated £1.97 million. At the moment £800,000 has still to be raised.

The current and planned activities of the PLC during the next five years can be summarized under seven headings:

1.     Recognize that passengers of all ages and physical abilities wish to travel in comfort and use the facilities on board. Work is in progress to adapt 3 coaches from the ‘50’s and a fourth teach coach from the 30’s to allow easy access from platforms and have user friendly facilities on board.

2.     The rolling stock is stored in the open and this causes damage both from the elements and vandalism. A purpose built under cover facility is scheduled for construction costing £4.200,000.

3.     An ancient carriage constructed for the transport of racing pigeons is being converted into an Education Centre for use by visiting school parties.

4.     Situated in a major National Park the PLC has a responsibility to address track side environmental concerns with the preservation of habitat and wildlife.

5.     Accommodate within the work force an apprentice scheme mainly providing a training programme in heavy engineering. This scheme has proved to be popular, with applicants far exceeding the places available.

6.     Three bridges carrying the track over watercourses are well over 100 years old and showing signs of wear. A replacement programme is in place and work on the first one at Goathland is under way at a cost of £1.000,000.

1.     Develop initiatives to recruit a new generation of volunteers.

Eight key words summarize the modus operandi:

             Inclusive                  Balanced

             Flexible                    Enjoyable

             Impactful                 Voluntary

             Connected                Meaningful

As part of the recruitment drive a large property has been purchased from the Rowntree Trust that will be converted into a hostel to accommodate volunteers who travel long distances to fulfill their duties.  

The speaker in conclusion makes a plea for the whole community to continue to support this major tourist attraction 

Thanks to Tony Stevens and John Bradley

All photographs courtesy NYMR

Rotary in a nutshell - the "in the lift" description & FAQ's

The Rotary network extends all over the world with headquarters in Chicago.  In the UK all clubs are under the umbrella of Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI), and are grouped into geographical districts. Rotary Club of Scarborough Cavaliers is within district 1040 covering Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire and having over 100 clubs and 3,000 members.

A shared mantra is the aim of "Service above Self". In practice this means individual clubs working to contribute to their local community often supporting local causes financially or 'in kind' with practical help, for example, acting as a trustee. 

Influence can be spread farther afield by working in co-operation with othe clubs in the same geographical district and indeed on an international scale by contributing towards worldwide projects (led by Rotary Foundation) - perhaps the most well known of these is the campaign to eradicate polio. Rotary have been a leader of this aim for many years.

Our major fund raising (and fun) events are Community Fair, Dragon Boat races and (recently) tombola/games at the CAMRA Real Ale Festival. Other events (focussing on youth and in liaison with other local Clubs) include Youth Speaks, Technology tournament and Young Chef. Every August we orgaise Commu nity Fair - taking over the pedestrian precinct in Scarborough son tha local charities can showcase their work - and often raise some money as well.

Our club meets weekly at the Downe Arms in an informal and welcoming atmosphere with good fun, fellowship and food

Please follow our twitterings: (wip!)

Please look at our Facebook page and click the "LIKE" link below:- 


Introduction: Scarborough Cavaliers - What do they do? 

Frequently asked questions about Rotary - (accurate for this club but may not apply to other nearby clubs)

Are there induction 'rituals'?

Never have been never will be. A new member is formally introduced to the Club and says a few words if they wish. All new members are just asked to give a short talk about their work &/or hobby interests, at an agreed date.

Can ladies join?

Very welcome indeed at our Club, although there are still more men than ladies.

Do I have to pay to be member?

Yes. There is an annual subscription plus an optional donation to the Rotary Foundation (funding larger international projects). Plus we need to pay the Downe Arms for feeding us !!

Do you need to come every week?

No. Come when you can and contribute when you come.

How do I find out more?

Contact the Secretary, or another member and come along to a couple of meetings as a visitor; then give us the nod if you want to find out more.

How many members are there?


What is the dress code?

'Smart casual' - interpreted by menfolk as jacket but not necessarily tie.

When do you meet?

Weekly on a Wednesday

Where is it?

Usually - Downe Arms, A170 @ Wykeham.

Happening soon...

Meetings and events happening soon

Wednesday 1st April 19.00

DEFERRED due to COVID 19: Yorkshire Cancer Research, evening at Downe Arms

'A little bit about us' talk by Andy Wilson. Reception: Joan H and Malcolm A. Grace and Host: Richard G. Vote of thanks and media report: John G B.

Wednesday 8th April 19.00 - 22.00 Tuesday 7th April

DEFERRED due to COVID 19:Meal out at The Coachman Inn, Snainton


Wednesday 15th April 19.00

DEFERRED due to COVID 19:Historic Monte Carlo Rally 2020 Adventures of Mike Kent

188 and all about it on the roads to Monte Carlo

Wednesday 22nd April 19.00

Scarborough Town Centre

Richard Grunwell's insights

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