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Our club at large

Our club at large

Varied social activities, & worthwhile projects near & far. Our diverse members exchange ideas, create lifelong relationships, join in service projects that make a lasting impact in communities. We aim to have fun, but with a purpose.

Working with young people

Working with young people

Overcoming challenges of public speaking or technology tournaments, or a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards course helps young people develop tools for success such as self-confidence, planning & team building skills.

 Fellowship & fun social happenings

Fellowship & fun social happenings

Our convivial weekly meetings form a platform for our eclectic speakers. We learn of many varied interests. ‘Special events’ such as Burns night, Christmas celebrations and visits to places of refreshment add to the opportunities for fellowship and fun.

Rotary works all round the world

Rotary works all round the world

Worldwide Rotary supports dozens of projects - the most long lasting & ambitious is the project to eradicate polio – now endemic in just two countries. We also have projects in Ghana & India supporting schools & delivering clean water.

A helping hand - e.g. fundraisng ...

A helping hand - e.g. fundraisng ...

- not our core business; but we have rattled buckets in aid of disasters; run tombolas at music events, organised car parking at shows,sold plants at (our own) community fair, run raffles, organised events such as Dragon Boats – & had fun!

Part of the local scene - Community support

Part of the local scene - Community support many ways - members are trustees of several charities; local organisation join us at our community fair to spread their message and raise cash; we join in events such as the CAMRA festival to raise money for local causes .......


About us

The variety of businesses in terms of on the one hand their need for capital and on the other their income generation potenntial means that subtle finacial management is needed to create a sisfactory overall plan CLICK to SEE: Future meetings programme   

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Reports of Recent Happenings

Fascinating talk by CEO David Steel

Wednesday 21 April 2021

The estate has roots as far back as the 12th century and in its current form since the 16th century.

The estate is now a multi-faceted family of businesses employing nearly 60 people centred on Wykeham and Danby

The six core businesses are

              Letting roperty; Game sports – Wykeham and Danby Game; Wykeham Farms Limited; Wykeham mature plants; St Helens in the Park Ltd; North Yorkshire Water park

 The water park is destined for rapid further development to include a zip line over the second lake, café , self catrering and glamping.

Work is already in hand on some of these developments.

The artists impression below shows the new buildings and the zip line – as compared with the current configuarion on the  right. 

Other areas that are planned as projects for the future include expansion of the main dairy herd; improvements at St Helen's; extensiomof the high speed broadband; rural developmentaccomodation - overall plan. The variety of businesses in terms of on the one hand their need for capital and on the other their income generation potenntial means that subtle finacial management is needed to create a sisfactory overall plan

 Brief points from liaison briefing 14 April (PVH)

Geophysical survey

An airborne geophysical survey was undertaken during April over the Woodsmith Mine and its surroundings in order to collect geophysical information, the technology is based on taking   gravitational and magnetic field readings to enable the creation of a digital map of the below ground geology. 

The area surveyed extends beyond the main site to take account of the fact that readings at the edge of the scanned area are less precise and that geology adjacent to the main area of interest will influence it.

The aircraft used is a Basler BT-67 which has a wide 29m wingspan and can fly slowly at altitudes of 100 metres and is quiet so as to be unobtrusive. Sensitive measuring equipment located in the aircraft uses a passive technique and does not involve sending out any signals or sound waves. It measures minute variations in the earth’s gravity field from all angles to reveal the shapes of the rocks in the ground from their different densities. This, together with the data already collected from seismic surveying is used to create a 3D map of the area’s geology.

The flight plan involves flying in parallel lines 300 m apart and 150 m over the immediate Woodsmith area at about 110 knots.

Skills4Work projects

AngloAmerican support the Skils4Work initiative who have undertaken  various projects this year including at Hinderwell Church (unblocking an ancient well, & stream, plastering & gardening); at Littlebeck (restoration of the Lions Head fountain); at Fylingthorpe (renovating railings and gardening) and at Saint John’s, Sleights:-

Meanwhile – back on the Woodsmith Site

The cooling and air conditioning kit in the main shaft was completed. The main tunnel is now 18km (out of 27km) and attention has been given to the logistics of staff and supplies transport within the tunnel with provision of a ‘Californian Crossings’ – whereby the line divides so that (for example) supply locomotives can reach the far end of the tunnel passing outgoing traffic at the crossings



10th March 2021 

A 'Zoom' meeting

Chocolate is good for you!

Scarborough Cavaliers were very pleased to welcome Chocolatier and International Chocolate Consultant, David Greenwood-Haigh as our Speaker last week to talk about the history of chocolate and what to look for when choosing a good chocolate.

Chocolate’s history started in Latin America about 4,000 years ago and as a drink. It was only given to men as the Gods said it would make them better warriors, lovers and very intelligent! It was a bitter drink brewed from cacao beans from the cacao tree “Theobroma cacao” which means “Food of the Gods”.

VCocoa was used as a currencyin trading by the Aztecs and also taken to Spain by Christopher Columbus to show what he had found in the New World along with cinnamon, tobacco and jewels.

Chocolate was still a drink until 1847, when Frys produced the first chocolate bar in Bristol. After that Rowntrees and Cadbury all started producing chocolate, all Quaker organisations who revolutionised working conditions for their employees.

David went on to talk about his job travelling the World to train people to make chocolate products and bars, whilst developing eco-tourism.

We had several chocolate samples white, milk and dark. We were told what to look for in the composition, the feel, the smell and taste of different chocolates. The bean quality and the soil that they are grown in can all affect the taste. There is also an order to taste them, white, milk and dark followed by stronger flavours e.g., dark with chilli, last, so as not to lose the subtleties and overpower the taste buds.

David managed to pass on his passion for chocolate in his animated talk and made us look at chocolate in a very different way,

A most enjoyable evening! Contact:  Chocolatier & Proprietor Xocolat Ltd

On the second Wednesdays in the month the Club is out and about visiting organisations in the area. On other Wednesdays we meet at the Downe Arms in an informal and welcoming atmosphere with good fun, fellowship and an evening meal. 

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Wed, May 19th 2021 6:30 pm

AGM - Annual General Meeting (Zoom) + Guest Speaker Anne Sutcliffe

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Reports from Club Officials / Team Chairs & talk from Anne Sutcliffe, District Membership lead. (Members only)<br />

Thu, May 20th 2021 7:00 pm

Community Fair planning meeting

Agenda and details to follow (members only)

Mon, May 24th 2021 7:00 pm

Operations Team Zoom Meeting

Operations Team Members

Wed, Jun 2nd 2021 6:30 pm

Zoom Meeting with Mark Vasey of Scarborough Maritime Museum

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An update on the popular local museum.

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