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Who are we? Information about our club, the Rotary Club of Whiteley.

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Our Club, The Rotary Club of Whiteley, District 1110, UK. 

Who are the Rotary Club of Whiteley?

The Rotary Club of Whiteley comprises a group of professional people, living and /or working in and around Whiteley and Fareham, who are keen to put something back into our community and enjoy ourselves while we do it! To that end, we formed our new Rotary Club in 2003.


Number of Members 20
Average Age (approx) 44
Charter Date March 24, 2003
Mother Club Fareham Meon


 Why Rotary International?

The ideals and concepts of Rotary International ("RI") are such that we believe that we can do far more for those in need of help in our locality - and throughout the world - as a part of the "Rotary community" than we could do alone. Take a look at the Rotary pages here for some more information.

How do I learn more or become involved?

Currently we have approximately twenty members, both men and women (about 50/50). To keep our new club dynamic and successful, we are looking for more people who will be interested and able to contribute to the activities of our club. There are some membership requirements, (which can be found via this link) but most important is the will and the ability to turn up, pitch in and make a difference.


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