What does membership of Rotary Offer?

  • Opportunity- Rotary is an organisation which gives every Rotarian the opportunity to participate and make a difference in their community. At the Ipswich Club we help collect food at a local supermarket to deliver to FIND (Families in Need) which will be distributed to those who need help and assistance
  • Friendship – Rotarians meet regularly and this allows individuals to build lasting friendships. Some Rotarians play golf or tennis, we visit the theatre, have meals at local restaurants, arrange trips and visit local attractions and businesses as part of our vocational programme.
  • Collaboration – team work– Rotarians do many tasks and ventures together. This may be a “hands on” project to erect a fence for somebody in need or a bit of “tin rattling” with our Santa collection for local charities at Ipswich railway station.
  • Leadership– Rotarians are usually successful people in their chosen professions or businesses and will bring leadership to the Club. It can be refreshing to see how others view a specific task or problem.
  • Networking– Rotary started as a business and professional led organisation and today this is no different. The Club tries to attract members from all professions and business types and this allows members to meet and discuss issues with like - minded people.
  • Diversity– Rotary attracts all types of individuals of any gender, religion or race. Rotary is an International organisation and many projects are undertaken by mutual co-operation. Rotary has led the way in the World with its Polio Eradication programme.
  • Communicate – Rotarians are able to talk about their concerns either in the community or the wider world. An individual voice can get lost but persuade Rotary of the need and you will find that there is a far greater audience.
  • Charity– The Rotary Club assists the local community in various fund raising activities. Rotarians understand that a little can go a long way and therefore we will examine any requests we get for donations to ensure that money is well spent and effective. Many Rotarians are only too willing to give something back to the community and raising money or giving time to charity is very worthwhile.
  • Business generation– People like doing business with people they like. In the Rotary Club we have a diverse range of business people covering many professions and trades. Rotarians will join Rotary to achieve business opportunities and the Club fully support these aims.
  • Socialising– As Rotarians work with each other or meet for lunch a bond is made and it is not surprising that like - minded people will want to socialise together. A full social programme is arranged every year and friends and family are welcome to join in as appropriate.
  • Educational – Joining Rotary enables individual to develop their personal skills. This may be with public speaking, team working or heading up a committee.
  • Equality – Every Rotarian is equal which makes Rotary a truly interconnected organisation where everyone can flourish and be on an equal footing.
  • Family – Each club is part of the worldwide Rotary family of clubs, and membership to one club gives membership to all clubs. Around 1.2 million people in more than 33,000 clubs in over 200 countries serving communities and the world.

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