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The work of the Community and Vocation Committee is twofold. Through its own initiatives, it provides facilities to the local community, and through assistance with local community events it provides support to a variety of local events.


Currently our biggest financial commitment is to fund trips on the River Thames – via the Rivertime Boat Trust – to allow access to the river for a variety of disadvantaged groups, ranging from schoolchildren to seniors. The boat is specifically adapted to be accessible for those in wheelchairs.


In the last few years the Club made a significant financial commitment to the installation of Defibrillators in a number of key sites in the local area.


A new initiative is for the Club to support environmental schemes/initiatives in the local area and the current budget includes for financial resources to help with this idea.  Opportunities are currently being sought to enable this ambition to be achieved.

At Chalfont St Peter Feast Day we provide support to the Stroke Association in the running of a “Know your Blood Pressure” Clinic.

In addition to our own events, the Committee provides support, through the efforts of individual Club members for local events such as:
The Gerrards Cross Christmas Fair. 
The Chalfont St Peter Christmas Fair.
The GX Summer Fun Run.
Further afield:
The Marlow Santa Fun Run.
Children in Need collection @ Heathrow.
Local Charities:
Arctic One

All these events provide reinforcement and awareness in the local community of the existence and activities of Misbourne Matins Rotary Club.  In addition it provides support to the Membership, Youth and Fundraising Committees within the Club.

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