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Our Founder, Paul Harris, died in 1947 and RI suggested that individuals or clubs wishing to honour the founder make gifts in his name to The Rotary Foundation - $10 per member was suggested. Money poured in and by 1948 contributions had exceeded $1,775m, by 1954 this had risen to $3.5m and new contributions reached $500,000 in a single year.

10 years after Paul Harris's death funds had started to decline. The trustees announced that anyone who contributed $1,000 to the Foundation would become a Paul Harris Fellow and would be presented with a certificat, medallion and lapel pin bearing the founder's likeness. In 1968 the trustees added the category 'Sustaining Member' for those who could not give the $1,000 at one time but pledged to give $100 annually.

By 1984 there were 100,000 PHF's, by 1989 250,000 and 500,000 by 1995. The figure is set to exceed 1m this year.

The Rotary Club of Hornchurch Paul Harris Fellows:

1985   Harry Wilson

1986   Dick Wylie

1986   Doug Westrop

1987   Ron Geggus (from Ilford), 

1988   Peter Spall (from Havering North), 

2000   Eric Knight

2001   John Anthony

2001   Don Gregson

2002   John Fowler

2002   Brian Taffs

2003   Tony Barber

2003   Subhash Hora

2003   David Tirmizey

2005   Jill Hare

2006   Rob Humpfries

2006   Dick Palmer

2007   Colin Freeman

2008   John Anthony (Sapphire), 

2008   Eric Knight Sapphire), 

2008   Ron Geggus Sapphire), 

2009   Paul Freedman

2011   Geoff Furzland

2012   Shamim Govani

2013   Norman Ellenby

2014   Gerrie Furzland

2014   Jim Hains

2015   Pat Haines

2015   Christine Smith

2015   George Larkey

2016   Raymond Leach

2016   Gerry Harrington

2017   Colin Davies

2017   John Kent

2017   Janet Larkey

2017    David Fell

2018     Dennis Bragg

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