Non Event Gala Charity Ball
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We are inviting you not to attend “Gillingham Rotary Club’s Non-Event Gala Charity Ball”. The date is obviously unimportant as the event will not be taking place! 

At this time of self-isolation, difficulty and uncertainty there is immense concern for the sustainability of the charity sector and so this event is being run (or not run) to raise funds for ‘Friends of Wisdom Hospice’.
The great advantage of this event is that you do not have to get dressed up, call for a taxi, pay for drinks or buy raffle tickets – all we ask is that you buy (at a cost of £25 each) a ticket or two (perhaps even a table of ten).
100% of monies raised will go to the hospice. 
Did you know that it costs £25 per hour to fund one of the hospice’s palliative care nurses? So, each ticket you buy will fund 60 minutes of essential care.
Tickets can be purchased from the link below: 
We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you may be able to support our endeavours.

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