Youth Opportunities

The Youth Opportunity Committee coordinates two of the Club's signature events, being our Young Chef and Youth Speaks competitions.

Young Chef

Young Chef is a very popular event, where pupils from each of the secondary schools in the Bailiwick are invited to several training sessions before competing in a final competition. The basic premise is that they have to design and cook a three course meal on a fixed maximum monetary budget within a short time period. They are judged on many aspects including not only the taste and presentation of the food but also other facets such as knife skills, chef skills, health and safety, etc.

Our team, as always, is superbly and seamlessly lead by Brian Acton and Nathan Silk, who jointly caretake the competition this year on Rotary's behalf. We continue to receive good coverage in the local press and sponsorship. A great deal of thanks continues to go out to the College of FE and Steve Bacon and his team. Steve continues to be one of the main driving forces behind the competition, along with the teachers from the schools. Steve even spends a couple of days in Alderney doing a short but intensive training session so that the Alderney competitors can participate on a fair footing.

The winner and the runner-up of the local competition go forward to the District competition. If they win or are the runner-up of that competition they go on to the Regional final with the winner of that competition then going on to the national finals. Historically, our competitors have been reasonably successful at the District finals and we have come close at the Regional finals.

Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks again is a very popular event where teams of 3 students (a Chairman, a Speaker and a Proposer of the vote of thanks) participate as a team. We have two age groups, being Intermediate and Senior students, and invite all of the secondary schools to enter a team in each category. Participants are judged on a number of factors including all elements of their presentation and meeting organisation skill, as well as their subject matter and ability to respond to a question which is asked. The winner of our local competition travels to the UK to compete in the District competition.

Rotarian Simon Milsted provided leadership to our Youth Speaks team again this year. Mourant Ozannes remain our sponsor for the tenth consecutive year and our appreciation goes out to them, along with all the other helpers, both on the night and at other times during the build up. The standard of competitors has remained extremely high in recent years and all entrants warrant recognition for their efforts and high standards.

Last year's winners of the Intermediate and Senior competitions were teams from Blanchelande College and Guernsey Grammar School respectively. The latter going forward to the national final of the competition after achieving further success at both the District and Regional heats which followed our own.

Young Photographer

This is a relatively new idea which we linked into the Itex-Rotary Walk in 2010/11, however the timing was not conducive to participating in the Rotary GB&I's young photographer competition. We tried to link this year's Young Photographer competition with the Guernsey Photographic competition however unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, it was not possible to progress with this competition for the current year however we plan to reinvigorate it next year.


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