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Why you should join Cowbridge Rotary.

 We have 45 male and female members.

 We welcome new members. Each new member has an appointed mentor.

 You get the opportunity to help out with on our activities contributing what you can, given your circumstances.

 What we offer.

 1. Friendship and fellowship.

 2. The opportunity to serve and support local and international community projects. As examples, we give our time to fund raising , supporting schools and international projects. But there is so much more we contribute.

 3. Good fun and stimulation with regular speakers, social events, Rotary activities.

 4. Access to the wider and enormous world of Rotary International.

 Our programme.

 Some examples from this year’s and last year’s programme.

 Speakers at our meetings have included representatives of Lifeboat Institute, Wildlife Trust, Hafal Partners, Amelia Trust, Broadcasting, Duffryn Gardens and many others.

 Fundraising through our monthly car boot sale, Santa’s sleigh and special nights in support of the Rotary Foundation’s primary objective – stopping polio.   

 Support for the Cowbridge Music festival and Food Festival.

 Supporting young people at the Cowbridge Comprehensive School and local Primary Schools. Some examples are mentoring the Interact club at the Comprehensive school, seven-a-side football and Young citizen awards for Primary school children.

 To support this programme we rely on the commitment of members.

But mostly it about having fun…


Our guiding principles

 Service above self …. BUT…..

 You do as much or as little as you are able

 You choose the contribution to our activities that you can manage.

 We have as little formality as we want.

 Give it a try as a guest for three months. Pay only for your meal

If you want to know more explore our web site: -


 or E mail us at


or look at the prospective members booklet’ People of action’.