Our Twin Rotary Clubs

We have been twinned with two other International Clubs for many years and enjoy regular visits to each others countries.

Our twin Clubs are the Rotary Club of Pirmasens, Germany and the Rotary Club of Aalborg, Denmark

One of the best things about Rotary is the opportunity to meet and make long-lasting friendships with fellow Rotarians around the World.  Having a twin Club (or two in our case) means that we have regular visits to each others' countries to meet our old friends, make new ones and learn about their locality, customs and  culture.

We have been twinned with the Clubs in Pirmasens, Germany and Aalborg for many years and you can see below some more recent reports on the visits we have made to them, and by them to us, by clicking on the links below..

As a result of two very interesting "International" projects, which we carried out with the Rotary Club of Kiev Center (one together with the Rotary Club of Pirmasens) we have developed a very close relationship with them, too.  Members from Northampton have been to Kiev and other towns in Ukraine, and members from Kiev have been included in two twinning visits to the UK by our friends from Pirmasens.

Our Twin Rotary Clubs sub-pages:

Twinning Visit to Pirmasens Rotary Club

more A visit to Pirmasens in Germany to meet old friends for Rotary Fellowship

President's Weekend & Pirmasens Twinning Visit 2016

more President John invites Club members, their partners and our friends from the Rotary Club of Pirmasens to join Cindy and him for a short break in Norfolk

Aalborg Oestre Rotary Club Twinning Visit Weekend - 2015

more Members of the Rotary Club of Aalborg Oestre will be joining us to celebrate 50 years of Rotary fellowship.

Twinning Visit to Pirmasens 2014

more This was another chance for Rotarians and Partners to enjoy Fellowship with our twin Club members on a home stay in Pirmasens

Twinning Visit to Aalborg - June 2013

more A Report on our 2013 twinning visit to Denmark

Visit from Pirmasens RC & Kiev Centre RC - May 2012

more Once again we had the opportunity to host our old friends from our twin Club from Pirmasens, together with other friends from the Rotary Club of Kiev Centre, with whom we have carried out two projects in the recent past.

Twinning Visit from Rotary Club of Aalborg - June 2011

more The story of the very enjoyable, biennial get-together with our friends from the Rotary Club of Aalborg. This time in Northampton.

Twinning Visit to Berlin - May 2010

more A very enjoyable trip to Berlin, to meet and spend time with our friends from the Rotary Club of Pirmasens.

Visit to Denmark with Aalborg RC - May 2009

more Another great visit to meet our friends from our Twin Club in Aalborg, Denmark - May 2009

Almost a Complete Group Photograph of Our Friends from Pirmasens

Visit by RC of Pirmasens - May 2008

more This time we entertained our friends from Pirmasens in Sussex, based at Battle, and enjoyed visits to Castles, Gardens and Canterbury.