New members

Members volunteer their time to undertake activities such as supporting community events, running projects to promote the achievements of young people and running educational programmes.

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Looking to join Rotary?

Richard Lindo and his team will introduce you to our Club and its activities.

Attending one of our fund raising events is another good way to better understand what it is we do.    

What attracts new members to Rotary?

Leigh Welham - "I have been lucky enough to enjoy a good life, but know that there are many people out there who haven't been as lucky as I've been. I was looking to give back to the community, and as luck would have it, Rotary was in the High Street handing out leaflets for their annual New Year's Day Walk, so I thought I would go along and have a chat with some of the members.  

They seemed to be enjoying themselves over the smoking BBQ and bubbling tea urn and the people I spoke with were very friendly, so I took up the invitation to join them at their next meeting and there was no turning back. They were very welcoming, have an active social life, and do plenty of fundraising activities which is exactly what I was looking for."

Leigh joined Rotary in July 2015 and has played an active part in the Club. She stepped into the role of Treasurer when our previous Treasurer had to leave due to pressure of work.


Josie Simmonds - "I have been impressed with what I have seen of their work both in this country and overseas. I feel that I would like to be part of putting something back into the community. There are so many charities that rely on fundraising to exist and without Rotarians a lot of people would suffer even more."

Rotary Information Evenings

Regular information evenings for prospective new members are held by the Club.

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