Club History

Club History

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FIRST MEETING: 11th April 1921 at the Grand Hotel.  An extract from the Northampton Daily Chronicle of 31 May 1921, which describes the event, can be downloaded here

FIRST LUNCHEON MEETING: 18th July 1921 at the Exchange Café

FIRST CHARTER MEETING: 1st February 1922 (i.e. the official birth date)

The First President, Mr A E Marlowe died in July 1922.  His obituary in the Northampton Independent can be downloaded here

RI RECORDS: The Rotary Club of Northampton, England No 1073 was organised on 12 April 1921 by the British Association of Rotary Clubs and elected on 1 February 1922


A book entitled "Rotary Club of Northampton" The first 50 years 1921 - 1971 is available from the Secretary.
Photocopied records from RI for 1921/2 are also available from the Secretary