Stewards Rota

Stewards for the evening should be at the venue NO later than 6:30pm and should find a replacement to act for them if they are unable to attend. If a meeting is cancelled this list stays as it is - it does NOT move forward by a week.

July 6    Pauline Gardner

Paula Boyd

(Council)13  Maggie McDonald


 20  Trixie Farraday

Maureen Bell

 27  Angela Wear

Mike Wear

 August 3  Tracy Trelore

Mike Waite

 (Council) 10  Ron Stephenson

Sue Stephenson

 17  Andrew McIntosh

Helen Silver

 24  David Ogden

Angela Fryer

 September 7  Angela Fryer

David Ogden

 (Council) 14  Eilish Hill

Janet Helm

 21  OUT
 28  Linda Durkin

Linda Wicks

 October 5  Andrew McIntosh

Maggie McDonald

 (Council) 12  David Cross

Helen Silver

 19  Helen Dixon

Karen James

 26  Angela Wear

Mike Wear

 November 2


 Eilish Hill

Jane Dandy

  9  NO Meeting
 16 John Queen 

Maureen Bell

 23  Helen Dixon

Linda Durkin

 December 7  Ron Stephenson

Sue Stephenson