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Rotary Club of Stonehouse.
Recent Press releases on our Activities and Support for the communities.

Recent Press releases from   Stonehouse Rotary 

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5 Valleys Fireworks,  2 October 2017

5 Valleys Fireworks.   28 September 2016

Defibrillator in Stonehouse.  15 March 2016

Frampton Archive and Museum  7 March 2016

Southern Cotswolds Cotswolds Young Musician Final.  24 Feb 2016

Rotary 5Valleys Fireworks - our Results.  9 Decembr 2015

Rotary 5-Valleys Fireworks.  10 Octobr 2015.

Frampton Hidden Gardens event supports St Marys Church.  Frampton Magazine, October 2015.

Announcing 5 Valleys Fireworks, 2015.   3 September 2015

Stonehouse Youth Football Team - presentation of Rotary Cup.  8 June 2015

Nepal Earthquake Collection - Stonehouse/Stroud/Nailsworth.  8 May 2015

Frampton Hidden Gardens 2015.   26 March 2015

Maidenhill School End Polio Day.  1 March 2015.

Southern Cotswolds Young Musician Final - Results.   23 Feb 2015

South Cotswolds Young Musician Final  17 February 2015

Christmas Donations   4 February 2015

Santa's Float Success.    6 January 2015

5 Valleys Fireworks - Final Results.   19 November 2014.

Hidden Gardens of Frampton 2014 - Presentation to Severnside Scouts. 15 July 2014

Hidden Gardens of Frampton - post-event resume.   16 June 2014

Cup Presentation to Stonehouse Youth Football Club       28 May 2014

Hidden Gardens of Frampton                    27 May 2014

Stonehouse Goodwill Festival Final           6 December 2013

Philippines Disaster Relief - the Result   18 November 2013

Philippines Disaster Relief    15 November 2013

Rotary Young Chef - Maidenhill School 12 November 2013

Rotary Ebley Fireworks.  29 October 2013.

World Polio Day -  Dr Edward Jenner still saving lives today!  10 October 2013

Rotary Ebley Fireworks    3 October 2013

Spring Fair Donations       6 June 2013

Stonehouse Winning Football Team   28 May 2013

Hidden Gardens of Frampton-June 16     25 April 2013

Spring Fair 2013     19 Aril 2013

Wycliffe College helps End Polio Now appeal.  28 February 2013

Charity Presentation Evening,   18th January 2013

Rotary Young Chef competition - Maidenhill School,  28th November 2012

Stonehouse Goodwill Fest,  1st December 2012 - where we assisted and supported the event.

Stonehouse High Street celebration Event 6th September 2012

Stonehouse High Street celebration Event   26th August 2012

Frampton Hidden Gardens    28th June 2012

New President Handover     28th June 2012

Senior Citizen Lunch at Maidenhill School       28th June 2012

Inner-city children enjoy time on a Gloucestershire farm   27th May 2012

Hospitality and Catering at Maidenhill School     29th March 2012

Crocus Blooms in Stonehouse             5th March 2012

Dagoretti Well Project                        16th February 2012

Carol Float Presentations                17th January 2012

Stonehouse Trees Dedication Ceremony.  12th December 2011.

Young Chefs in the making.   8th December 2011.

Dedication of the High Street Trees.  2nd December 2011

Stonehouse Goodwill Fest - Round-up.  28th November 2011

Stonehouse Trees planted;  Goodwill Fest final detail.  18th November 2011.

4 new members in 1.   16th November 2011

Stonehouse High Street trees ready for planting.   14th November 2011

The Winners of the Poster Competition  8th November 2011

Poster Competition for Stonehouse Goodwill Evening   7th October 2011

Stonehouse High Street - Tree Appeal      6th October 2011

Run-up to the Sept 10th High Street Celebration    1st September 2011

High Street re-opening  -  Spot the Difference Competition   24th August 2011

Senior's Lunch at Maidenhill School.  8th July 2011.

Kids Out Day,  8 June 2011.

Spring Fair Presentation - "All Pulling Together"  27 May event at Park Junior School

Announcing the Spring Fair  Saturday, April 30th, 2011 to support the CAB Outreach in Stonehouse.

Stonehouse Town Council present Civic Award to the Club    Community Group of The Year  April 2011

Eradication of Polio - Focus on the Crocus in Stonehouse.   March follow-up with the crocus in bloom!

Letter to the Editor of the Stroud News & Journal thanking the public for their support to our Christmas collection.        Feb 2011 

Eradication of Polio - Focus on the Crocus in Stonehouse.        Feb 2011

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