Club Council & Officers

Club Council is our Management Committee.

Our Club, like all Rotary Clubs, is governed by the Club Council consisting of the Club Officers: (President, President Elect, Junior Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).  Additionally between 3 and 6 ordinary members are elected onto the Council.

The Council meet formally at meetings every 1-2 monthls to discuss the Club's internal proceedings and affairs, and any other matters arising from the interaction of the Club with our Community, other Clubs, and with our parent organisations (District 1090, R.I.B.I. and R.I.).  Events and Projects, and donations to charities and good causes are considered and discussed.

The Club Council aims:
- to represent the membership of the club in the local community and at District 1090,
- to provide leadership, make decisions and guide the club forward,
- to prepare and implement a varied programme of meetings and events encouraging fellowship and fun,
- to plan functions and activities to raise funds for our charitable work,
- annually to draw up a list of charieites to be supported,
- to maintainand update the Club Constitution, By-Laws and Policies,
- to monitor the Club activities for cost, Health & Safety and publicity,
- to present to the club reguular progress reports, audited accounts, a line of succession for key    appointments, and new developments within Rotary and their impact on the Club,
- to make Membership of Hungerford Rotary interesting and attractive to potential new members,
- to enhance the standing of Rotary within the community,
- to maintain the Rotary International database.

Minutes are kept, which are shared with club members and are available on the Members Only part of this website.

Club members are invited to advise any Council Member of issues which they feel would benefit from discussion at Council.  Any Club member is also entitled to attend meeting to discuss any subject: they are asked, as a matter of courtesy, to advise Secretary in advance if they propose to do so.

Council recommendations are usually taken to the next club business meeting for any further discussion and democratic vote if required.

This years Club Coucil can be found by clicking on Our Team from the menu