This Committee supports activities financially and through hands-on help, including participating in immunisations in India, filling Aquaboxes for disaster areas, backpacks for Mary's Meals pupils and menstrual care kits for pupils through Days for Girls.

These items produced by the  Days for Girls team will soon be benefiting Kwa Zulu Natal pupils


Many thanks to the members of the International Committee who have managed to keep our international work ticking over during the COVID pandemic.

Aquabox We have six boxes in stock and will be ready to deliver them to the new warehouse in Wirksworth once it reopens. Obviously we have not been able to promote the Aquabox project in our role as Ambassadors.

Yorkits (formerly Days for Girls) This project has been in abeyance for the duration of the pandemic. We have  30 kits made and ready for distribution, but I am sure the St. Mary's' students will not be going to South Africa this summer. We tragically lost our project leader Past President heather read last summer, but the sewing group will continue when it is possible to meet indoors.

Mnyakanya High School  Our global grant to help the students by providing a Mary's media room/computer suite goes fromstrength to strength with the students producing their best ever set of Matrix results despite their having problems attending school due to the lack of water and COVID. All reports submitted to Rotary with the welcome help of Eshowe Rotary Club (South Africa) have been accepted despite the teacher training element not being delivered this year.

ROMAC There is no update on this project as it has been impossible to fly children into New Zealand for surgery. The report to Rotary International was accepted.

Microloans Our initial input of $320 was loaned to four people. Repayments have been loaned to a further three individuals giving total loans of $475 with an additional $64 available for re-loaning.

The Pendsey Trust We were able to start a new project this year with the Pendsey trust based in Wetherby but supporting a project in central India. We are now providing insulin for two girls Purvi and Ridhima from low-incme families who would not have been able to afford the lifesaving medication.

Madras Chennapatna Rotary Club Through the magic of Zoom we were able to establish a sister Club arrangement with this Indian Club. We look forward to working with them in the coming years.

Janet Kerr - Chair


The International Committee met on the 29 May and two new projects are being added to their programme.

Building on Raj Mani’s visit and the paper he presented, the first is to investigate working with the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai International to support the Mae Tao Clinic in working to prevent complications in adult patients with circulatory problems. This offer is based on transferable clinical assessment skills and donations of dressings to improve wound care and is supported by Chang Mai University School of Medicine.

The second is the investigation of a micro-loan programme with an initial outlay of £250.

Additionally 24 Aquaboxes will be purchased, filled and delivered to the Wirksworth depot, together with a quantity of cotton sheeting, towels, pillow cases and knitted baby blankets which are appreciated by the Wirksworth team. I would like to thank the hardy members who have previously endured a cold garage to pack these boxes.

Several of our female members and friends have taken on board the District Project ‘Days for Girls’. This has been self-funded and they are well on the way to completing the first 100 kits linking to the Mnyakanya project. Thanks go to President Heather, Janet Kerr and their team.

The major project for the in Kwa Zulu Natal has proceeded and the Foundation Committee has successfully pursued a District Grant and is awaiting R.I. approval for the grant.

We continue to collect spectacles which are routed via our Inner Wheel to CART.

We will continue to use the demonstration Aquabox and filter as often as possible which has resulted in donations being given straight to Aquabox. We are always ready to talk and demonstrate this water project to interested parties. I would like to thank members for their support with this important project particularly Brian Whitham for his technical support.

Geoffrey Barton International Chairman



On the Aquabox front 18 of our target of 24 boxes have been completed with the final 6 ready for packing. At the same time a substantial quantity of cotton sheeting, towels, pillowcases and hand knitted baby blankets have been delivered to the Aquabox base in Wirksworth who are very grateful for our continued support. We arranged a Club visit to Aquabox in August 2016 when 20 members, wives and guests enjoyed a very informative and interesting visit to the depot where a tour let us see volunteers working on a range of Aquabox activities. There was also a demonstration of the impressive pump producing drinkable from very dirty water. Lunch (with tea and coffee!) followed at Carsington Water.

We now have a demonstration box and this has been used so far at St. Peter's and Paul's school in Rawdon and at a Leeds International Inner Wheel meeting in February when £600 was donated to the Aquabox project. It has also recently been seen by Otley Chevin Rotarians at one of their meetings. The demonstration box was also a point of considerable interest and wonder at the Easter Egg Hunt at Rodley Nature Reserve especially with the drinking of filtered dirty water by volunteer Rotarians. Potential interest was shown by the public and enquiries will be followed up.

We have continued to support St. Mary's School, Menston with it's established initiative with the Mnyakanya School in Kwa Zulu Natal. Pupils from St. Mary's reported on their latest very impressive visit to the school in July 2016 at our evening meeting in the autumn. We are supporting the Foundation Committee's application for a Rotary grant towards the projected Mary Jowett I.T. suite at Mnyakanya. 

We have continued to collect spectacles which are now routed to the CART charity in Huddersfield.

We are looking to support 2 or 3 charities such as Hope and Homes, subject to funds being available from our budget.

Finally we would welcome additional members to the International committee, particularly from new members or the Thursday meetings.

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