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Rotary Club of Baldock Benevolent Fund

The Rotary Club of Baldock Benevolent Fund - is a registered charity that was formed as a result of a bequest made by the late Rotarian Edgar Greenwood.

The Rotary Club of Baldock Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund is a registered charity that was formed as a result of the death of Rotarian Edgar Greenwood in September 1990. The Rotary Club of Baldock subsequently took responsibility for the Charity whilst retaining the original objects. The registered Charity Number is 1059389.

The Charitable Objects

For the poor and needy, or to or for the benefit of such other charitable institutions, societies and objects as the Club shall in a duly constituted meeting from time to time direct.

The charity is focused on people or groups in Baldock and the surrounding villages. It covers the following areas: Weston, Rushden, Hinxworth, Clothall, Sandon, Stotfold,Caldecote, Wallington, Ashwell, Newnam, Bygrave and Radwell.

In 2015 it was agreed that Stotfold would be added to the above coverage

  • Children/Young People
  • Elderly/Old People
  • People with disabilities
  • Other groups - as classified in the Trust Deed

In addition to the above Edgar stated that a sum of £100 be allocated each year to maintain "The Annals of the Rotary Club of Baldock" 

The Trustees of the Charity are Rotarians that have been elected by the Club to run the Fund. An external financial advisor ensure that the funds are invested as wisely as possible.

How the Benevolent Fund Works

The legacy was is invested in a range of different funds which generate additional value. Whilst the original legacy value must not decrease any income generated above the original can be spent if the requirement is in line with the Objects shown above.

When the Rotary Club deem that a specific request for funds might be met by the Benevolent Fund the Club will write to the Trustees to request their support. Providing funds are available and the request is in line with the Objects; the Trustees will allow the funds to be transferred to the Rotary Club who will then respond to the community request.

In a typical year the Benevolent Fund will be able to support the Club with donations of £4 - £5,000 which is of significant benefit to the Club allowing more requests to be fulfilled.