Roberts Oakwell Hall DVD

Copy of Roberts Oakwell Hall DVD

Roberts Oakwell Hall DVD.

From Robert:-
"The Video was done as a Millenium Project [year 2000] by me in the Beamont Road Studio @ Batley with the help of other students & tutors as a celebration of the community work our Club had done since we were Chartered in 1988.  We have visited Oakwell @ least once a year since then & chopped down trees, planted saplings, cleared bushes & ponds, planted hedges & built walls etc as projects for the community.  The black dog was our Bess"
 The three in one group are John Sugden, Rev Ray Adair & me ~ in the larger group from left to right are John Sugden, Me, the Ranger is @ the front, Jim Pilkington, Martin Simpson [Charter President], Bill Stevenson, Tony Rankin, Rev Ray Adair & Miss Telegraph & Argus."
(There is a short leadin to video)


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