24 July 2012 - children sail to success


Above: Binuri (standing) and Morgan.


Today was the second of two days of sailing experience on the River Thames, organised by the Rotary Club of Amersham, for ten children from a local school.

The children were Paige, Thilaxi, Zoe, Binuri, Tiffany, Matthew, Hanna, Morgan, Russell and Taylor from Woodside School, Amersham. All achieved their RYA Stage 1 certificates, which were presented by Commodore Bruce James of the sailing Club.    

Only one of the children had ever sailed before, and they all approached the first day with some trepidation.  By the end of the second day they had bonded as a group, helping each other out, really having some fun and all thoroughly enjoying the experience. They learned to work together, the rudiments of sailing and water safety