An opportunity to learn why Rotary is a great organisation to be part of. Scroll down to watch a video of 'peoples' views' of Rotary, as an organisation, and what it can offer as a member.



The Rotary Club of Haslemere is part of an organisation of both men and women who like to volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities at home and support worthwhile causes overseas.

The Club is part of the largest humanitarian organisation in the U.K. for people who wish to give something back to the community in a dedicated and friendly way.

The Club meets weekly, on a Thursday, at the Georgian House Hotel in the High Street Haslemere. We enjoy a meal, formulate ideas for events and activities, but above all to enjoy friendship and have fun. The club operates in a way that is non-political, non-religious, and is open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

Above all we aim to have fun.

Each Rotary Club operates autonomously within the Rotary family and selects charities and good causes it wishes to support each year.

Rotarians are welcome to visit any Club anywhere in the world. Clubs work together providing links between countries all over the world.

       The 4 way Test, of the things we think, say, or do.

          1 - Is it the TRUTH?,  2 - Is it Fair to all concerned?,

           3 - Will it build GOODWILL and FRIENDSHIP?,   4 - Will it be BENEFICIAL to all


If you would like to join us you will find a warm welcome from Club members. If you would like to make contact to find out more, please fill in your information on the form below the video.

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