Club Speakers 2011/12

Club Speakers in President Nigels year in office

Club Speakers 2011/12

Robert Jackson as part of the Administration committee is the club speaker finder .

On Monday 1st Aug Robert organised the first speaker of Nigels year in office when Janet Bishop District
Community and Vocation Chairman visited Healds Hall and gave the club an update .
Janet pictured with President Nigel (click for larger pic)

Monday 15th August.
Roberts speaker this evening was Stephen Rose who gave a talk on long distance walking.
An interesting talk about his walks across the Coast to coast walk and the Pennine Way walk which he did 268 miles in 19 days.
StephenRose800.jpgStephen Rose (click for larger pic)

On the same evening Ian Blamiers introduced two members of the Priestley Society Keith Baker and Les Woodcock. They gave the club an update on the coming 100 year anniversary of the unveiling in Oct 12th 1912 of the Joseph Priestley statue in Birstall market place.
The Society are planning a celebration to commemorate the unveiling next October. KeithBakerLesWoodcock800.jpgKeith Les and Ian (click for larger pic)

Monday 22 August.
The club welcomed the District Governor Wille Clark to speak to the meeting.
(Click for larger picture)

Monday 5th Sept.
The speaker this evening was the Clubs RYLA candidate for this year Kyle Sugden.
Kyle came together with his metor Rotarian Lucy Hodgson. Kyle spoke about his experiences through the week at RYLA.
Kyle in the centre with his certificate, on his left Kyles mentor Rotarian Lucy.
Far left Rotarian Ian Booth who helped Kyle during the week.
Far right Youth Chairman and RYLA organiser Rotarian Terry Edwards and to his left
President Nigel.

Mon 26th Sept

Maria Glot entertained the Club family evening with a talk on Saltaire 1851 to 1876.

Mon 3rd Oct

TrevorWoodwardYouth800.jpg (Click photo for bigger Picture)

District Youth Chairman Trevor Woodward updated the Club with a talk on Youth opportunities being organised in District 1040.

Mon 24th Oct

MikeBanford800.jpg (Click photo for bigger picture)

Disrtict Foundation Chairman Rotarian Mike Banford visited the club and gave a talk on the workings of the Rotary Foundation.

Speaker Graham Berry talking about Nettles.

  Mon 6th Feb.
  Graham Berry gave the club a talk about
  the properies of the Utrica Dioica - The
  stinging Nettle.

On Monday 13th Feb the Club held a Valentines evening at Healds Hall. Members partners and friends were entertained by Rotarian Martin Simpsons daughter Sally who gave a talk on her career in journalism leading to her present job as a leading YTV News  presenter.

Left Sally gave a preview of her TV workings

      YTV News presenter Sally 
   giving her very enjoyable talk at the Clubs
   Valentines evening

 The Club speaker on Mon March  26th was Liz Balding District
editor and publicity.

Liz gave an update into the big push for new members into Rotary.
Explaining all the newspaper and media adverts she has orginised. Pictured with President Nigel and
Robert Jackson the speaker organiser.

On Monday 2 April the Club speaker was John Walker from Scarbro Cavaliers who talked about the Charity Hope and Homes for children.

John here pictured with President Nigel left and right is the Club International Chairman John Logan.

Pictured here is a slide from the Hope and Homes Charity talk.

The slide shows Rotaries partnership with the Charity in Africa.

The Club Presidents wife is allowed each year to donated 100 to a Charity of her choice.

Rotarian Margaret Arthurs Nigels wife is shown here presenting John Walker with a cheque for 100 to the Hope and Homes for Chidren Charity.

On Monday 28th May the Club Speaker was Mike Joyce from Denholm Gate Apiary.
Mike gave the assembled Luddite Family Evening a talk about his 30 years in keeping Honey Bees and his successful business producing Yorkshire Honey
LINK Denholmegatehoney

Club Family Evening Mike Joyce giving his talk about his 30 years has a Honey Bee keeper
Mike Joyce talking to John with Christine and Jo tasting the
Yorkshire Honey
Mike Joyces good wife Liz talking to Robert with their
Yorkshire Honey on display

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