Send a Cow (29 August 2012)

At the lunchtime meeting on 15th. August, Pauline and Tony Raine explained that Send a Cow had been going for 25 years. It had started off by sending cows to Africa to improve the milk yields of the local cattle, which usually give no more that 3-4 litres per day whereas UK cattle give more than 20 litres per day. It was interesting that the pamphlet circulated in the national press showed a cow which looked remarkably like a !

Following the BSE scares, actual cattle are no longer sent but the purpose continues. Recipients must undergo training for a year before receiving their cow and this includes care of the animal, growing fodder and the use of the manure, a valuable by-product which can allow production of more vegetables for sale, producing much needed income. All cows are given while in calf and it is a condition that the first-born cow must be given to another villager. The scheme therefore propagates itself, to some extent. The talk was well received and generated much interest.

Following this lunchtime talk, Council agreed to donate £750 to the charity, which allows for the purchase of a cow for the scheme. This was presented to Send a Cow at Le Hechet Farm on Tuesday 29th August (our thanks to Julian & Catherine Ogier of Le Hechet Farm) - see photos. The Le Hechet Farm ice-cream was delicious! The Guernsey Press attended and an article appeared next day.

This is exactly the sort of project which appeals to Rotary, as it is "not a hand-out, more a hand up", to quote Tony Raine.

Send a Cow, to celebrate its 25th birthday, organised a swim of 25 metres from each of 25 Guernsey beaches and this was well supported, raising enough cash to purchase another cow for the system.

Thanks to Simon Wood for his efforts over this and to Graham Edwards for taking the photos. 

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