Membership & Social Events/ Clay Pigeon Shoot 2012

A Group of members went to the Essex Shooting Ground at Fyfield Essex on October 24th, for a very enjoyable day's shooting, including a tasty buffet lunch.

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Shooting for Glory - OK for Some

Hardly The Magnificent Seven.... more The  Nefarious  Nine!    Rotary Club president Trevor Stansfield organised a day's shooting at the Essex Shooting Ground at Fyfield for nine members and friends on Wednesday, October 24. They included past president Macolm Acors and his son Tom, no mean shots.

We gathered on a misty morning, a mixed bunch of those who had shot clay many times before, those who admitted they did not shoot much and three of us who might have been less scared staring down the barrel of a gun rather than trying to fire one. On hand was coach Ollie to put us through our paces - simple advice like how not to shoot yourself in the foot, how to down the "birds" by keeping one eye closed (or both if it was easier) and how firing too quickly or too late was a definite MISS. And the targets MOVED!  Not encouraging.....

Yours truly went first in the practic round. Two Kills and one Miss in first three shots - easy, peasy, a doddle.  Encouraging words from Ollie.   Peter Greene was next up - "I was encouraged by you", he said afterwards and sounded as if he meant it. 

Mike Sinclair - the third "novice" - then showed how it should be done.  Some novice!  He forget to tell us about his shooting Gold Medal in the Barcelona Olympics!!

The professionals all took pots, all seemed to know what they were doing. So to the competition real, thirty shots each.   I shall not dwell on all the details since it would be impossible to explain what went wrong.  Suffice to say, president Trevor, the 2011 champion, was disappointed not to win again (he used stronger words) as he missed his final two "birds" to surrender his title. 

Having collected all the scores, Ollie announced on count-back that Mike Sinclair who (luckily) scored a complete ten in one of his competition rounds was the winner with 23 hits and received the splendid trophy.

Yours truly finished last with eleven points - I swear I hit at least two more that were not given! - one point less than Peter Greene who claimed bragging rights and a verbal bashing from me.  I received the booby prize, the inscription on which cannot be described here on a family website.! It was not "poor" I assure you.

All then adjourned to a large buffet lunch (sadly, no bar since strong drink might have helped take away the pain), friendships were made in true Rotary tradition and I, for one, will go again - if only to exact revenge on Mr Greene!  Thank you President Trevor for a wonderful fun day.