Donations 2010/11

The Rotary Club of St Andrews Kilrymont was pleased to make the following donations during 2010/11, during the Presidency of David Rabbitt.


            £1000 for the books for Maroua project in the Cameroon, this is the first year of a

            three year commitment to this project which was initiated as a result of the

            2-year VSO placement in Cameroon undertaken by President Anne Tait and her husband. 


           £250 for Natural Connections, another regular commitment.


           £246.72 for the schools environmental competition, on this occasion essays highlighting

            environmental issues.  The school award went to Canongate Primary School.


            £2200 End Polio Now


            £750 Foundation


            £1000 CHAS


            £1000 Keepers of the Green


            £400 Help for Heroes along with £600 raised at a charity Auction at the Dunhill

             Golf competition.  The item auction was a bottle of claret from Rufflets hotel.  The

             bottle had been signed by 5 leading golfers.


            £1000 Aquaboxes


            £1670 Shelterboxes 


            £450 Life Straws


            £750 Water Survival Boxes


            £1200 Save the Children (Japan - post Tsunami)


            3200 Homestart Christmas presents


            £176 Christmas Tree Hope Park/Martyrs Church


            £460 Camp Ryla student


            £200 Disability Fife Sportsperson Award


            £36.28 Easter Eggs


            £200 Arthritis Care


            £250 Riding for the Disabled  


            £250 Friends of Rymonth House


            £80 Christmas presents for elderly


            £100 Nepal Literacy Scheme


            £100 CLIC


            £50 Fife Festival of Music


            £40 Samaritans


            £100 Malawi Scouts


            £500 ByreTheatre Big Give


            £80.76 Project Zambia


            £350 St Andrews Pipe Band


            £100 Sarah Perry sponsorships for Polioplus run


            £50 Rory Lamb (former RYLA student)


            £100 Calls for Heroes


            £100 Trivandrum RC India


            £50 Glasgow University Students Volunteers Abroad


            £100 Martyrs Monument


            £390.10 additional furniture for hospital room - another ongoing project


               Total   £15638.06  

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