Dunlop Primary School RotaKids Club

The Dunlop Primary Rotakids Club have collected over 700 pairs of glasses for Vision Aid Overseas

15th March 2013

The Rotakids second project was an international one to raise awareness of the effect of poor eyesight on children, particularly in  African countries, who have little access to spectacles and the work being done by Vision Aid Overseas. Once again the whole school was involved and an amazing 712 pairs of glasses were collected for onward transmission to Vision Aid, via Specsavers in Kilmarnock who provide a local collection service. Well done Dunlop Primary and the Rotakids Club!

15th March 2013

The Rotakids Club were formally presented with their Inauguration Certificate signed by Club President Alan Lannigan and Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland President John Minhinick.

30th January 2013

The Dunlop Primary Burns Supper went down a treat. Organised by the Rotakids Club they had it all - visiting dignatories including East Ayrshire's Provost and Councillors - songs, music and poetry performed by the pupils and of course the standard Bill o' Fare, not to mention a BIG write up in the Kilkmarnock Standard. Well done the Rotakids - a great start.

14th December 2012

The Dunlop Rotakids are already planning their first project - the School Burns Lunch to be held in February - and have other ideas in the pipeline, such as collecting old spectacles for Vision Aid, cleaning up the Millennium Park and, keep this to yourself, there was even talk of a wet sponge competition involving some teachers, or was it Rotarians! Watch this space.

14th December 2012

At our last Council meeting it was agreed to support the setting up of a RotaKids Club at Dunlop Primary School.

So, What is RotaKids?

RotaKids is an exciting way for 7-12 year olds to enjoy working on important fun activities that will make a positive difference in school, in the local community and globally.
RotaKids will come up with ideas such as raising money for charity, improving the environment, helping the elderly or children in another country! The sky is the limit.

RotaKids will make good friends, grow their confidence and self-esteem. This boost to self-esteem is at a key stage. It means RotaKids develop the strength, knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and determination to make their world a more peaceful place where people can enjoy their lives.
RotaKids are the youngest members of the Rotary family and usually based in schools where they are supported by a local Rotary club. RotaKids itself supports Primary School Citizenship programmes in a very meaningful way. Although each school's RotaKids are sponsored by a Rotary Club, the day to day running is undertaken by the school teachers.
A Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland Charter certificate is presented when RotaKids are formed. As RotaKids develop, members will elect officers and some control will be passed on to these officers.
How it works
During the initial visits by Rotarians to the school and potential RotaKids, the Rotarians should tell the young people and teachers about Rotary International. The school will benefit from the young people learning about citizenship in a practical manner.
Participation by Rotarians in events and RotaKids meetings will be at the invitation and discretion of the teacher. Financial support will be at the discretion of the Rotary Club, but they will often supply pin badges, tabards, T-shirts, hats, wrist bands.
RotaKids undertake projects of their choice and they decide how they will achieve them, with guidance from their teachers. There is no minimum number of projects clubs need to undertake in a year. Rotarians meet with RotaKids monthly or more frequently if required. Rotarians may provide speakers regarding suitable projects e.g. Shoe Boxes, Shelter Box or The Environment.
Whilst undertaking their projects, RotaKids will also use and develop many skills:

  • Maths, for counting money.
  • English, when writing event programmes leaflets and news articles, and giving presentations.
  • Art and IT for creating posters,
  • Music for entertaining senior citizens.
  • Enterprise, leadership and thinking for running projects.
  • Understanding of people across the planet.

Join RotaKids
When you join RotaKids you take a pledge to commit and endeavour:

  1. To be fair to all
  2. To serve my community
  3. To show respect for others

RotaKids provides hands-on opportunities through projects for youngsters to learn and enjoy the practical application of their commitment both locally and globally.
RotaKids believe achievement, peace, friends and fun go hand in hand!

(We are greatly indebted to Jimmy Burwood, the District New Generations Convenor from Garnock Valley Rotary Club in getting the Club set up.)

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