CD4 Project - Uganda (November 2012)

The CD4 Project is a project to take the services of blood testing for HIV out into the communities in Uganda and also to teach the people in the villages how to use ARVs (Anti Retro Virals).  This series of pictures tells the story.

Through the co-ordination of Rotarian Tim Peet, The Rotary Club of Guernsey is raising funds to purchase a further vehicle for use in the scheme.

The CD4 machine was installed by Medilab (Kampala) in February 2012.  Brigid Corrigan, from Uganda, picks up the story which is complicated!

"We started off well.  Then there were problems with the machine - the computer part of it and then the laser beam.  It went back to Germany and was returned OK but was not giving accurate readings."

"Finally I got the PARTEC people in Nairobi to come and see it, which they did.  I took the machine myself to Nairobi in October and they have finally succeeded, I think, to make it right.  They brought the machine back and reinstalled it and have advised us ONLY to deal with them in Nairobi and not with Kampala."

"So the saga is long but we have persevered and I feel confident that it will be ok."

"We have not interrupted our services.  MRC (Medical Research Council) have helped us and also Uganda Cares.  Our Lab Assistant has continued to work throughout and we have achieved quite a lot during the year."

The Pictures show the project at work.

Pictures 1 - 5.

Taking blood in the village for CD4 (pictures 1 & 2) and back at the lab (pictures 3 - 5) (January 2011).

The collections go on early in the morning twice a week, pictures 3 to 5 show the lab is as it was.

Pictures 6 - 13.  Field education, super graphics!

Recently some excellent teaching aids were acquired (6 -10) and are used to help the people who will start on ARVs (ARVs are Anti Retro Virals) to understand and be able help others (11 - 13).  The pictures are self explanatory!!

Pictures 14 - 19.  Real bush pharmacy

The work is very varied and the photos illustrate this.

Pictures 20 - 25.  People living with HIV aids.

These PLHAs (People Living with HIV) - are all on ARVs and have been trained to be able to educate others about ARVs.  Now that the logistics around ARVs are getting critical, some have been upgraded to be able to assist the nurses in dispensing ARVs and also to be able to manage the MOH reporting forms - which get more complicated day by day!

Pictures 26 - 29.  What a good start!

"Gomes" are the Ugandan long dresses with a bustle, left behind by white Victorian missionaries, who were severe about bare chested women.

Groups of PLHAs who were stabilised on ARVs were started - to help get them back to work and to change the mindset from being 'sick' to become independent and improve their socioeconomic status.  So far the centre has worked with 600 families and they are doing great!

They are supported by Gorta (who bought the CD4 machine for us!).  These pictures show their participation in the world food day celebrations in Mbarara.  The ladies in the GOMES are all PLHA (People Living with HIV).

Picture 30.  Packing caps (18th November 2012)

These tiny caps were knitted here by the WI (including Norma Andrew) for premature babies at Kitovu.

Picture 31.  Thank you!

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