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Thinking inside the Box

This article was written in December 2012, as winter approached in Syria, the number of refugees fleeing its borders were rising by the day. A Telegraph writer, Sally Williams, visited a camp in northern Iraq where ShelterBox, one of the Telegraph's 2012 Christmas charities, was sending its emergency boxes to save lives. 

This is one of the best reports you will ever read on the work of ShelterBox, Rotary and the people involved and is reproduced here in full. 

Please click on the illustration to read this graphic and informative report.

Shelterbox news from Nepal

21st May 2015

When the first major earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April, a ShelterBox response team was in the country in just two days. Since then, the teams have worked tirelessly to reach families whose homes have been destroyed or badly damaged.

With your support, along with that of local volunteers and fellow aid agencies, Shelterbox have been able to provide essential shelter for 15,000 people whose lives have been turned upside down during the disaster. 

Actor, comedienne and human rights activist Joanna Lumley OBE has written to show her support of ShelterBox's work in Nepal.

She said: 'I pay tribute for all the relief and comfort and means of survival you have provided over the years. Thank you with all my heart for what you are doing in Nepal, a country linked through history by the Gurkhas with our own.’