How to join us....

How to join us...

  Sian Franklin - Membership & Mentoring Committee & Past President

Hi!  We are always looking for new members to help with our busy programme of events and projects, both social and community.

If you would like to use some of your time and energy to give something back to the local, national and international community, whilst having some fun and making friends along the way, then you might well enjoy being a rotarian.

Our club meets in Cambridge City once a fortnight where we have a light meal, chat and make friends. We have been running since 1966 and have gone from strength to strength ever since. Often we have a brief talk from a local charity, business, expert such as Blue Smile, the Welding Institute or the Antarctic Survey Team. We also share ideas, decide on the projects we are supporting and who will be doing what. Most people are part of one of our working committees that drive forward our yearly programme, so it is easy to contribute and to feel useful.  We also arrange a wide variety of social outings to choose from.

We are open to setting up another sub-Club at another Time & Place - it would be up to those members involved to decide where and when to have their meetings, with our support.

If you did not want to join the club as a member, but would be able to volunteer to offer some of your time occassionally,  then we always need more people on every project, please get in touch.

Factoids -

Women in Rotary

            The Rotary Four Way Test

             The Beginnings of Rotary International 1910

                Rotary's First Community Project 1907 

Rotary and King George V

            The origins of the Rotary Symbol - a cog wheel

                The Four Founders of Rotary

            The origins of the Rotary Polio eradication programme

            Jean Thompson - the power behind the Rotary throne

If you would like more details or to meet us at one of our meetings do fill your contact details in the form below  :


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You can find us at the Arundel House Hotel.

DEADLINE  1 Sep 2023

Charities are invited to submit grant applications - annually we give out over £30,000 - Fill in a Form and make your case ! Our next round of donations will be given in early 2024. THANK YOU to all applicants.

David Ellis with Past President James Watts

Recognition of an individuals efforts


All are Welcome to this free cafe.


How to join us...

Mini Olympics 2017

This committee aims to put on events and support organisations that encourage and develope children and young people.


The Projects Committee manages fund-raising activities and recommends the charities to receive funding to the Club Council and Business meeting. It also supports our International projects.


Supporting the local community is a core Rotary aim.

John Helmsing

Foundation Objectives - co-ordinating international projects using Rotary grants where possible.


The International projects and activities are co-ordinated within the Projects committee.