Sport & Social/ Congres des Isles (May 2013)

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Congress des Isles - Alderney 2013

Last weekend (3rd to 5th May) saw a large gathering of Rotarians in Alderney for the 2nd Congress des Isles with over 60 attendees at some events.

The attendees included the great and good of District.

Caroline Millman (IPDG) and Keith

John Eade (DGE)

Mary Pike (DG) and David

Mike Jackson (DGN)

Plus Mike Sanders, Peter Clayton and Alan Hollands with Valarie

In addition 11 members of the Guernsey club attended with 10 partners and 3 members of Guernesiase with two partners. Sadly (for them) no one from Jersey attended.

The weekend was fabulously organised by the Alderney club even down to dedicated transport for just about every visitor.

There were many highlights, particularly the weather which was amazing on every day except the BBQ day (story of our lives I know). However that did not deter the big turnout and we sat (shivering) enjoying, the friendship, the food (especially the chocolate cake, ask John!) and the view.

Saturday morning saw the serious part of the weekend with presentations from all District officers attending, giving us an update on what is happening across Rotary, the vision of the President Elect of RI, Ron Burton along with that of  Nan McCready (Rotary GB&I president elect) and John Eades DGE. We also had an update on the new grant system and what is proposed re updating the Rotary GB&I web site.

Most of us stayed at The Braye Beach Hotel and what a setting it is (if you have not been, go). The staff, especially Richard the Manger could not have done more for us, he even picked us up from the BBQ in two shifts. There was a general cry of "women and children first" when his minibus turned up and true to form the ladies left us behind to clear up and warm up while they adjourned to the bar (there was a rumour that two district officers sneaked on with the ladies, but we simply could not believe that to be the case!).

Other events were: Welcome drinks and nibbles at the Sailing Club, Lunch at the Old Barn, Walking tour to the lighthouse, Golf,  BBQ, Clay pigeon shooting, Bus tour of forts, Train trip, Quiz, and another lunch on the Sunday. As you can see what a weekend! It also goes without saying that the odd glass (bottle) of wine etc. were consumedJ

Our thanks go to the Alderney Club and all its' members for a fabulous weekend that will be long remembered.