What is Buxton Rotary in 100 Words or Less?

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Fancy a challenge?

Fancy some fun?

Looking to use your skills and experience to put something back into the community?

Then Buxton Rotary Club (www.buxtonrotaryishere.co.uk) could be just what you're looking for!

In addition to Club meetings, we organise community service and fund-raising events.

Several hundred local students know us through our Practice Job Interviews.  Many have attended events such as Youth Presents Music, Young Chef and Young Designer.

Our Summer Fair helps local groups showcase their activities: many have benefited from our fund-raising.

 We also support national and international causes such as disaster relief, Water Aid and Polio Eradication.



(In a nutshell).

1.                    Rotary has to offer:




Sense of achievement






Rotary Knowledge


Opportunity to serve, both locally and abroad.

2.           Young people can offer:


                Abundant energy

                Modern mores

                Modern experience

                Young contacts.

                Fresh ideas.

                Young enthusiasm

                Young families.

                 New skills

3              Conclusion:

               This is a win-win situation:

Rotary can offer Young People experience of life and their skills.

Young people can gain from us and with the combined skills of both generations, Rotary would be much stronger, to mutual advantage. 


Rotary in Buxton is

Friendship, Fellowship, fun, fulfilling, fighting (the scourge of Polio worldwide), philanthropy ( both locally and internationally)

Frustrating (why doesn't everyone see Rotary as I do for the good it does and the fun)

Forty (or nearly) fabulous people upholding the Rotary motto of Service above Self

Feel like finding out more? Fone (sorry Phone) our fantastic secretary 01298 XXXXX

What Rotary is not in Buxton

A group of old fogies just having a dining club


Rotary in Buxton... What Makes it all Worthwhile

         Having our faith in young people and their aspirations renewed every year at Rotary's mock interviews.

         People dropping a few coins in the collecting box for Rotary charities saying 'I always give to Rotary... you do such good work.'

         Stall holders at the Charity Bazaar in the Octagon saying 'We couldn't do this without Rotary. Thank you for making it possible for us to raise funds and raise our profiles.'

         Knowing that blood pressure tests done on Rotary's 'Stroke Awareness' days have alerted people to possible health problems and maybe saved a life or two.

         Supporting and marshalling the annual Windgather Fell Race. This brings Rotary into direct contact with young people and helps revitalise our public image.

         The enthusiasm with which Rotarians turn out (in the foulest weather) for Christmas carolling with the 'Singing Santas'

         The fellowship and friendships developed by taking part in Rotary events, service and social alike.


Rotary in Buxton

Rotary is that happy group of Singing Santa's you see in Spring Gardens every year just before Christmas, It is the willing group of volunteers who organise the Summer Fair and Charity Bazaar in the Octagon every June. It gives financial support to individuals and organisations in the town and has done so for 90 years. It is a worldwide organisation open to all and has helped to eradicate polio In a nutshell it is simply the best voluntary organisation in the world. If you would like to get involved - why not join us? 


The Rotary Club of Buxton consists of a group of approximately forty friendly men & women from all walks of life, who pool their knowledge, skills and abilities to serve the needs of others, both locally & globally.

Sharing a great sense of comradeship & good humour they meet twice monthly at the Buckingham Hotel. The meetings are structured to provide time to organise & socialise which promotes a sense of commitment & belonging.

New members are always warmly welcomed.


 What is Rotary in Buxton by Anon.

If you think Rotary is a sort of glee club, where people put on Father Christmas hats and sing carols in Spring Gardens, that is only part of it!

If you are told it is a service club, you might think it was a branch of the armed forces.

In fact it is a group of local residents of both sexes who have joined together to give of their time to put something back into the community for the benefit of fellow Buxtonians.

Government policies often cannot resolve local issues.  With a motto 'Service above Self', Rotarians react positively to concerns of people in Buxton.


What Is Rotary In Buxton?

ROTARY in Buxton is:-

Responsible for many local and international charitable initiatives

Open to men and women who believe in 'Service Above Self'

Time well spent through contributing to society while having fun

Autonomous but part of a world-wide network of 34,000 Rotary Clubs

Rich in opportunities for application of vocational skills

Your chance to help others through fellowship with like-minded people

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