10 July 2013 - WheelPower CEO Martin McElhatton and Head of Finance Nigel Roberts talk about their charity


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Today we were pleased to welcome to our meeting Martin McElhatton and Nigel Roberts from Wheelpower. Michael was 18 years old when he was knocked off his bicycle and paralysed. He eventually ended up at Stoke Mandeville hospital where the idea of games to transform the lives of paraplegics had been pioneered by Sir Ludwig Guttmann in 1944.

This was the forerunner of the Wheelpower organisation which is the National Charity for wheelchair sport.  Martin showed short films of people taking part in a wide variety of sports; he himself played in the National Basketball team until his sporting days ended. He then began working for Wheelpower and is now Chief Executive.

Niger Roberts worked for Barclays for many years and when that ended he joined Wheelpower where his experience in banking helped to sort the charity's finances.

Rotary in Great Britain and Northern Ireland are working with Wheelpower to raise money to provide sports wheelchairs, which cost around