End Polio Now

We are THIS CLOSE to eradicating Polio globally.
But we need your help.


    How to Donate to End Polio Now

All donations by Newbury Rotary Club to End Polio Now during 2015 will be tripled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Help us to Make History Together and Donate today.

        Donate by Mobile Phone Text           

You can text a donation using your Mobile Phone via JustTextGiving:

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All donations will be identified as End Polio Now donations and are paid into Newbury Rotary Club's Benevolent Fund. Registered Charity No: 26100  

    Fundraising for End Polio Now

End Polio Now is a focus of Newbury Rotary Club's fundraising in 2015

Fundraising events include:

Name the Teddy at Royal Berkshire Show - September 2015

Newbury Boules Tournament - Boules in the Square- on Sunday June 28th 2015


    Why End Polio Now?

We are within tantalisizing reach of eradicating this disease, forever;

The goals are achievable;
The legacy of the achievement will pave the way for other future programmes.

The world has never been closer to ending polio for good. Since making a pledge to eradicate polio in 1985, Rotary International, together with the partner health agencies, has reduced the number of cases by 99 per cent, putting polio on the brink of being the second disease ever to be completely eradicated.

    We are "THIS CLOSE" to eradicating Polio.

Today only three polio endemic countries remain: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria,
There is no cure for polio

But a simple immunisation can  prevent children from ever contracting this crippling disease that can lead to limbs of the victim becoming limp and disfigured, and in some cases can cause paralysis and even death.

    No child is safe anywhere until Polio is eradicated everywhere

In 2013 Polio was imported from North Nigeria to the Horn of Africa. An outbreak with over 160 cases resulted.

A new outbreak of Polio was reported in Syria in 2014. There is currently an immunisation programme in progress across the whole of the Middle East countries to prevent its spreading. 22 million children under the age of 5 need to be immunised by March 2014.

A new End Game Eradication Strategy is now in place with the goal of eradicating Polio by 2018.
The plan will cost a further $5.5Bn.


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