Syria Refugee Appeal - ShelterBox donations (September 2013)

The following summarizes the humanitarian crisis facing the population of :

The United Nations has confirmed that over two million Syrians have now fled their homeland. Already hard at work in and around , disaster relief charity ShelterBox is raising its game. It is gearing up to help as many refugees as possible and setting its boldest-ever appeal target.

The refugees and the rhetoric keep on coming. While the world talks of atrocities and interventions, diplomacy and welfare, the lines of families fleeing conflict are still growing. It took two years for the exodus to reach one million - it took the last six months to pass the two million threshold and three quarters of these war-weary are women and children.

ShelterBox's Operations Director John Leach says, "We have already helped thousands of refugee families, but with an extra push we can help thousands more. The target of 2 million is immensely challenging, but so too is the extent of this refugee crisis".

"ShelterBox aid and our methods of delivering it is proving effective time and again. Now, more than ever before, we need the compassion and generosity of ShelterBox supporters to back our work in the field. Let's show these families that the world has not abandoned them, and offer them shelter and hope".

So what's in the Box:

  • Tent
  • Blankets and Groundsheets
  • Durable Plastic box
  • Mosquito net
  • Stove
  • Water containers and purification
  • Cooking equipment
  • Tool kit
  • Children's activity pack

For more information on ShelterBox please go to

Note - As each emergency situation is different and in various parts of the world, the content of the box, colour of tents etc may change.

The cost of a full ShelterBox delivered to the area is £590.00. "There is no doubt that in providing temporary accommodation and desperately needed basic equipment this is the best value £590.00 you will ever get", said Guernsey Rotary Club President Nigel Dorey. Please help us to send more ShelterBoxes by donating whatever you can to Syria Appeal, c/o Nigel Dorey, Le Coteau, Clos du Fillage, St Saviours. Guernsey, GY7 9PL (cheques made payable to Rotary ShelterBox Fund) or by payment to the Rotary Club of Guernsey Disaster Appeal Account at HSBC, St Peter Port Branch - Sort Code 40.22.25, Account No. 94118855


Any Guernsey tax payer who is prepared to donate £500 or more in any one tax year and complete the appropriate certificate for the tax office the Rotary Club (as a registered Guernsey Charity) will receive a tax credit of 25% .i.e. £125 for any £500 contributed. The donor must be a tax payer and be prepared to sign a certificate to confirm the donation.  This can make a very significant difference to the Rotary appeal and therefore the monies available for Shelterbox. This is a similar arrangement to the Gift Aid arrangement used in the but it enables the taxpayer to make tax efficient charity  donations.

Remember every £590.00 collected will translate immediately into a ShelterBox being purchased and delivered to the heart of the problem.

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