Club Meetings

A summary of our club meetings.

President Eamon's Year 2015-2016

2016-03-12 Tree Planting Les Creux Pump Track

2016-03-13 Swimarathon

2016-03-14 Blouberg Project

President Ray's Year 2014-15

  1. 2014-07-09 Kevin Kelly an update from Brighter Futures
  2. 2014-07-12 The public face of Rotary at the West Parish Fete
  3. 2014-07-23 Annual quiz versus de la Manche.
  4. 2014-07-30 Club BBQ
  5. 2014-08-13 Anti-Bullying Alison Fox from the Jersey Community Relations Trust.
  6. 2014-08-27 Diane Marsay Bel Royal School, helping young people to learn to read.
  7. 2014-09-10 Peter Walsh St John Ambulance Jersey
  8. 2014-09-24 Sandy Dunn Dentaid Project Timor Leste
  9. 2014-09-26 Good Companions Club Quiz a win for Rays Or Sharp!
  10. 2014-10-08 "Life in the Shetlands" Peter Brown
  11. 2014-10-10 Jersey World Porridge Day in aid of Mary's Meals.
  12. 2014-10-22 "The work of the CAB" Malcolm Ferey, postponed to 25th February 2015.
  13. 2014-10-29 An evening of wine tasting with Hamish Marett-Crosby
  14. 2014-11-12 Shoe Box Appeal Tina palmer Rotary Club de la Manche
  15. 2014-11-26 SGM and Fund Raising an update by Gary Tye
  16. 2014-12-10 Christmas Party
  17. 2015-01-14 Barnado's Independent Living Skills Service.
  18. 2015-01-28 Durrell their conservation work
  19. 2015-02-11 The Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre
  20. 2015-02-15 Rearranged "The work of the CAB" Malcolm Ferey
  21. 2015-03-25 Young Enterprise presentation
  22. 2015-04-08 An update on the Peace island Project from Tony Allchurch
  23. 2015-04-22 The work of the National Trust Chris Harris
  24. 2015-04-25 Seniors Day Out
  25. 2015-05-08 Declaration of Jersey as a Rotary Peace Community
  26. 2015-05-12 Quiz night versus Rotary de la Manche a win for Jersey
  27. 2015-05-27 AGM and Club Assembly.
  28. 2015-05-29 Friendship Visit Rotaryklubb Bryne Norway
  29. 2015-06-10 KidsOut Day 
  30. 2015-06-26 Handover Dinner
  31. President Toni's Year 2013-14

  • 2013-09-25 Mike Bowron Chief Officer, States of Jersey Police and presentations to Jersey Heart Support Group and Motor Neurone Disease Association Jersey Branch.
  • 2013-10-09 Alison Norman, Jersey Asthma and Respiratory Society presentation and talk.

  • 2013-10-23 John Reed, Rotary's new web sites and global branding.

  • 2013-10-30 An evening at the Arts Centre "Waiting for God".

  • 2013-11-13 Tracey Watson Jubilee Sailing Trust and induction of new member Gary Tye.

  • 2013-11-27 SGM and Rotary International Presidential Citation.

  • 2013-11-27 Laura Rowley Treasurer of the States of Jersey talks on Taxation Capital Expenditure and Pensions

  • 2013-12-11 Christmas Dinner Carols and Songs across the Decades

  • 2013-12-14 Christmas Appeal Tin shaking at the Rugby Club

  • 2014-01-08 Shelterbox an Update on Syria and the Philippines

  • 2014-01-22 Honorary Member Cliff Blanchet and a Good Companions Club briefing.

  • 2014-01-26 Inner Wheel Overseas Brunch in aid of Aquaboxes.

  • 2014-02-12 Beach Ability - Margaret Le Herissier.

  • 2014-02-16 Good Companions Tea Dance

  • 2014-02-26 Peace Island update - Tony Allchurch

  • 2014-03-12 Membership Update - John King

  • 2014-03-16 Swimarathon

  • 2014-03-26 Young Enterprise Presentations

  • 2014-04-09

  • 2014-04-25 90th Charter Night Celebrations

  • 2014-04-26 Seniors Day Out

  • 2014-05-02 Friendship visit Rotary Club Paris Quai d'Orsay

  • 2014-05-14 Jersey Dairy - Eamon Fenlon

  • 2014-05-28 Light Up Rotary in 2014-15 - Mike Jackson

  • 2014-06-01 Marshalling at the Race for Life

  • 2014-06-11 KidsOut Day

  • 2014-06-28 Handover Dinner

Club Meetings sub-pages:

Phillipa showing her skills with a spade

2016-03-12 Les Creux Pump Track

more Planting and maintaining trees to screen the Pump Track from neighbours.

The conference main stage

Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Conference

more Bournemouth April 2016

The team ready to go with Peter Haydon missing the photo opportunity but there for his laps.

2016-03-13 Swimarathon

more 53 laps raises £300 and Colin Powell swims in his 44th Swimarathon.

A new President is inducted.

2015 Handover Dinner

more The annual changing of the Club's Officers for a new Rotary Year starting each 1st July.

Ann Forsyth and President Ray preparing for the banner exchange.

2015-06-10 KidsOut Day

more Rotarians having fun in the sunshine helping 80 youngsters and their carers to have a day out.

Presidents Else and Ray exchange banners

2015-05-29 Visit of Rotaryklubb Bryne, Norway.

more President Else Johanne Bryne and 17 members and partners visit Jersey.

President Elect Eamon Fenlon addressing the club

2015-05-27 AGM and Club Assembly

more The year complete (almost) and the year ahead.

Heidi Rehman talking passionately about Havne Centres

2015-02-11 Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre

more Heidi Rehman updated us on the progress being made to open the new Wessex Haven Centre in the autumn of 2015

Dr Young making his presenation

2015-01-28 Durrell

more an update on their conservation work by Dr Glyn Young

Nick Cook and Josh Miere addressing the club.

2015-01-14 Barnado's Independent Living Skills Service.

more A briefing on this new Service aimed at young people aged 16 to 25.

The full story follows in pictures.

2014-12-10 Christmas Party

more Carols from Earsay, award of a Paul Harris Fellowship, 3 new members, President Ray's star turn, great food and Santa Claus with his delightful assistant.

Rays Or Sharp the winners!

2014-09-26 Good Companions Club Quiz.

more The Annual Fun Quiz to raise funds for Good Companions this year held at the Hotel Ambassadeur.

Sandy Dunn delivering a talk on Dentaid

2014-09-24 Dentaid and Beneficiaries of Golf Day 2014

more Sandy Dunn explains how Dentaid works. Donna Annand Melanoma Charity and the Jersey Asthma and Respiratory Society benefit from the funds raised during the 2014 Charity Golf Day

Peter Walsh St John Ambulance

2014-09-10 St John Ambulance in Jersey - Peter Walsh

more A talk from Peter Walsh on St John Ambulance in Jersey

Diane Marsay from Bel Royal School

2014-08-27 Learning to Read - Bel Royal School

more Our club reading project at Bel Royal School.

Jersey Community Relations Trust

2014-08-13 Anti-Bullying

more A talk by Alison Fox from the Jersey Community Relations Trust.

Gathering for a feast.

2014-07-30 Club BBQ

more An evening of relaxation at Les Mielles de Morville.

Question master at work.

2014-07-23 Inter Club Quiz

more Rotary Club of Jersey versus Rotary de la Manche a needle match.

Rotary's new Gazebo in action for the first time.

2014-07-12 West Parish Fete

more An opportunity to give Rotary a Public Face.

Kevin Kelly CEO Brigher Futures addresses the Club. The latest news from Brighter Futures and the Bridge.

2014-07-09 Brighter Futures an Update

more Kevin Kelly CEO of Brighter Futures brings us up to date with their work at the Bridge.

Ray Shead becomes President for the 2014-15 Rotary Year

2014-06-28 Handover Dinner

more The start of a new Rotary Year and President Toni "hands over" to Ray Shead our President for 2014-15.

What a magnificent body of Rotarians in their Day-Glo kit and

2014-06-01 Marshalling at the Race for Life

more The annual Race for Life in Jersey marshalled by Rotaraians from the Jersey and de la Manche clubs with help from their friends.

Light Up Rotary in District 1110

Rotary 2014-15 The Year ahead.

more Our plans for the next Rotary year 2014-15 - President Elect Ray Shead and District Governor Elect Mike Jackson.

President Hubert Porte presents President Elect Ray Shead and President Nuno Dionisio with a bottle of Paris Quai d'Orsay champagne.

Friendship Visit Rotary Club Paris Quai d'Orsay

more A party of 9 Rotarians from Paris arrived via Granville for a club weekend in Jersey. Having moored their yacht in the St Helier Marina they joined the Rotary Clubs of de la Manche and Jersey for a friendship dinner.

Delicious sandwiches and cakes with a good cup of tea, what more could you want?

2014-04-26 Seniors Day Out

more An annual event with Rotarians taking their guests for an afternoon drive followed by tea at the Good Companions Club prepared by members of Inner Wheel.

Tony Gardiner entertains

90th Charter Night Celebrations

more Celebrations of the Club's formation in 1924 with a 1920s style dinner dance at the Somerville Hotel.

A packed audience listens intently to a series of excellent presentations.

Young Enterprise Presentations

more Six Young Enterprise Companies brief us on the successes and problems they have encountered whilst running their companies since September 2013.

2014-03-16 Rotary Team in the Swimarathon

more Our team contributes 52 laps and £300 to the overall success of this year's Lions Club Swimarathon.

John King in full flow.

2014-03-12 Membership Update from John King

more After the questionaire sent to all members a briefing on the results and where we go from here.

Announcement of Student Debate in States Chamber on 19th September 2014

2014-02-26 Peace Island Update Tony Allchurch

more Report on progress made formulating a 3 year business plan in partnership with other organisations committed to peace.

2014-02-16 Tea Dance at Good Companions Club

more Afternoon tea and dancing to cheer you up after the recent storms.

President Toni and Margaret Le Herissier from Beach Ability

2014-02-12 Beach Ability - a briefing by Margaret Le Herissier

more Where There's a Wheel There's a Way - Freedom to access Jersey's beautiful beaches.

Settling down to a Full English Breakfast.

2014-01-26 Inner Wheel Overseas Brunch

more Annual fund raising breakfast, this year for the benefit of Aquaboxes and held at the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club, St Aubin.

Cliff Blanchet receives his new Rotary badge from President Toni.

2014-01-22 Honorary member and Good Companions Club

more Cliff Blanchet is presented with Honorary Membership and Jerry Ramsden gives us a History of the Good Companions Club and a briefing on the planned rennovation at the property.

Katrina Rondel of Shelterbox addressing members.

2014-01-08 Shelterbox an Update on Syria and the Philippines

more Katrina Rondel brings us up to date with developments at Shelterbox.

Christmas Appeal Tin Shake at the Rugby Club

more Elves, Pirates, mince pies, mulled wine and rugby what more could you want? The opportunity to donate!...............

2013-12-11 Christmas Dinner

more Carols, Songs across the Decades, good food and good company what more could you want?

2013-11-27 Laura Rowley Treasurer of the States of Jersey

more A review of the Budget and Capital Expenditure plans for 2014 together with an explanation of the Pension Changes planned for the Public Sector Pension Scheme in 2015.

Presidential Citation for 2012-13.

2013-11-27 SGM and Rotary International Award

more Next year's President Nominee and Presidential Citation for the 2012-13 year under the leadership of President Ian Philpott

2013-11-13 Jubilee Sailing Trust

more a talk by Tracey Watson (seen here being introduced by Peter Walsh) and the induction of Gary Tye.

Programme for the Night

2013-10-30 Waiting for God

more 28 members enjoy an evening "Waiting for God" at the Jersey Arts Centre.

A rapt audience?

2013-10-23 Talk by John Reed

more Computer "Master Class" otherwise known as the Blind leading the Blind!

2013-10-09 Talk by Alison Norman

more Presentation of ECOlite boxes to Jersey Asthma and Respiratory Society.

2013-09-25 Talk by Mike Bowron

more A Policeman's Lot is a happy one. Also presentations to Jersey Heart Support Group and Motor Neurone Disease Association Jersey